TronJapan run for TRON Super Representatives

Offical website


Team information

TronJapan was established in Roppongi Tokyo in 2018. Is found by Ito Kenji CEO of the biggest cryptocurrency media named “Coin OTAKU” and Nagaoka Tetsuya who is a famous ICO investor and cryptocurrency expert in Japan. TronJapan is committed to promoting TRON development and organize the developer to build the TRON ecosystem. We will also hold on/off-line event for TRON promotion. As the supporter of the developer we will focus on build up competitive Dapp in Japan, to make TronJapan be the most competitiveness super representative in Japan.



Tokyo, Japan


Server location and server type

Server will be located in Tokyo, and server type will be cloud server.


2018 Expenditure plan

20% Fixed expense(office rental fee, public expense, hard device, employee salary, etc)

20% Server maintenance

25% Meet up, event and holding hackathon

25% Online and offline CM promotion

10% Mobility fund


Current employee list and picture


Core member introduction

Ito Kenji

Ito Kenji was born in 1984 Shizuoka, Japan. Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration Graduate Healthcare Policy & Management Intensive course completed. Members of the Fintech Association of General Association. Domestic cryptocurrency consultant advisor, cryptocurrency exchange advisor, Cryptocurrency investment analyst.

He is the CEO of biggest web media in Japan blockchain industry called “Coin OTAKU”, and has 4.8k follower on twitter. 

Twitter account:

Kouchi Mariko

Kouchi Mariko is a popular blogger in cryptocurrency field and blockchain industry.

Started virtual currency investment in 2017, participate in domestic and overseas virtual currency conferences and meet-ups and send the latest virtual currency information through SNS.

Twitter account:

Line account: @cryptomariko 港区仮想通貨女子Marikoのウラ話


Nagaoka Tetsuya

He is a expert of cryptocurrency investment and cryptocurrency business. Various investments succeeded, including numerous magazines etc, including overseas back route ICO pre-merger quota and listing coins.

In this industry he has rated as customer first, company first and most trustable.   

Nagaoka Tetsuya who has 10.3k follower on twitter

Nakamura Tomoko

CairNet Global business partner 

WBO Invest Bank VP

Deputy Director of WBO News Media

Former co-founder

Once worked for the largest domestic trade group in Japan and has managed over 3 billion.


Server configuration


· CPU : 8 cores

· RAM : 32G

· SSD : 1T (EBS)

· Network : 10Gbps


Starting from mid of AUG


(Two servers for Main/Backup each)

· CPU : 64 cores

· RAM : 1T

· SSD : 1T (EBS)

· Network : 25Gbps

Community support plan

  Japan is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange trading market in the world. Almost over 60% trading was occurred in Japan everyday. Japan has the most comprehensive and transparent legal regulatory policies, the safest exchanges, and the healthiest cryptocurrency market. In the foreseeable future, the most advanced Blockchain project and the "killer" Dapp will be born in Japan, and TronJapan was founded in this environment.

  The founders of TronJapan are influential leaders in the Japanese cryptocurrency industry. They all have the extensive experience in the construction of Blockchain Ecology. TronJapan will use resources efficiently to recruit and assist the best Dapp development technicians and through online and offline planned training, promotion, and meet up activities, contributing to the blockchain industry.

  What will we do

-Targeted different theme and hold different scale of meet ups

-Provide the technical seminar for developer

-Provide the office/meeting room/stable testing system

-Provide improvement report for Tron team and developer

-Provide promotional resources and channels for related projects




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