TRON ITALIAN POOL ( for TRON Super Representative

Following the "Criteria for Super Rapresentative Rating and Scoring" TrIP  Team present their proposal for next Super Representatives vote session.

1. Official address

2. Company information

Made4web S.A.S has over 14 years of experience working extensively with public institutions in areas including university, medical and government. We are also contracted by private companies in:

- Networking

- Development

- Hardware and Software supplies

- In the last 2 years we have been involved in multiple DPOS projects (Lisk, ARK, Rise, Oxy and more) as node maintainers, meeting organisers as well as conducting public speeches.

3. Local social media platform (on the road to more than 500 follower)

4. Yearly community development plan
The Italian Crypto Ecosystem is very well established and organised. The main centers are Turin, Milan and Rome, we have already organised crypto meetings in all 3 cities with good feedback and have plans for conferences whose contents will be to explain TRON and its great potential. Our meetup average is around 200 - 300 attendees.

Our Social Media and chat based activities are supported by individuals with a wide array of backgrounds, including developers, investors, speculators or simply the curious. Our focus is to create interest within the Italian Tron Community (ex Italian TRON Telegram chat count was more than 1k members) and increase awareness with public events, promotional activities including contests, charity donations and TRON/TrIP branded merchandise. We will also involve the Italian DPOS Dev community and help them realise products that will increase the real world applications of TRX and promote the wider TRON ecosystem.

Social activities are also important as they allow us to expand our audience. We intend to run Twitter accounts in multiple languages and utilise Instagram ensuring all teams can communicate and promote meetups effectively; we expect to have around 2.5 - 3k users (Italian language) by end of the year. 

We will make use of radio and paper based media to increase general awareness of the TRON ecosystem, especially for those unaware of the crypto universe and its great benefits. Currently in Italy the media only covers Bitcoin.

5. List of key staff and photos

    Remo Bonfante
      Founder - Network Supervisor


    Patrizia De Bella


    Mauro Rotella        Marketing-Social


    Chiara Bonfante     Designer

6. Team introduction 

Remo Bontante

I founded Made4web S.A.S. following a career as a Network Specialist. I needed a new challenge put my skills to the test and was lucky enough to create a successful company with customers in both public and private sectors.

I now have 14 years of experience running the company including 3 years of experience in the crypto space (especially as a delegate of many DPOS projects) so am confident my team and I can rise to the challenge of working in and promoting the wider TRON ecosystem.

Patrizia De Bella

I am a Senior Dev involved in institutional projects of international scope with the University of Genoa and I am currently working on a project for a multinational company in the Italian Health Service sector, also I am working on a software for two hospitals in the locality of Genoa. I will be involved in the management of our Super Delegate system, striving to continually improve it's efficiency and stability. I will also assist in our Corporate based activities.

Mauro Rotella

I am responsible for all Social Media and Mainstream media based communication.

I will ensure that communication between the team and our voters or potential voters is carried out in a responsive and professional manner; this includes queries and comments both positive and negative.

Chiara Bonfante

I am the team's Designer and am charged with ensuring the image of the team is promoted in a professional manner. I am an experienced Web Designer and Graphics Artist and will create all our promotional material for use across all mediums. 

7. Live campaigning

Our plan of Live campaigning will involve

- Twitter
- Press release (local media, social groups)
- Participation in conferences


We in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 we will organize 4 Local Meetup in 4 cities ( probably Milan, Turin, Rome, Genoa)

9. Community exposure

After a phase of studies ( where we check our knoledge and skills) we start or presence in SR forum from this post

10. Test node

Intel® Xeon® E5 1650 v3
3x 500 GB SSD
Premium 500 Mbit/s

Our testnet node is configurated and updated from 31/05 no block was forged due to no upvote received from team

11. Hardware capacity upgrade plan

From day 1 of mainet
x2 (main & backup)

  CPU:  Dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 16-Core
  RAM:  768GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  Disk:  SoftRaid 2x4TB  ssd

in Q4

one more (as API and snapshot support server)

  CPU:  Dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 16-Core
  RAM:  768GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  Disk:  SoftRaid 2x4TB  ssd

In Q4 an additional server of the same specification will be commissioned acting as an API and Snapshot server

Futher a physical server will be commissioned and hosted in our current rack space located in a hosting center in Turin for Disaster Recovery

12. Location of server

Main                      - France

Backup                  - Holland

API France             - France (Q4)

Disaster Recovery  - Italy    (Q4)

13. Server type

3 Cloud
1 Phisycal

14. Server specification

fist phase 

  CPU:  Dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 16-Core
  RAM:  768GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  Disk:  SoftRaid 2x4TB  ssd
  Bandwidth 10GB

hour by hour the charge will be monitored due to have the best performance

15. Budget

We provide all the investments to have on the road our proposal the our share proposal will provide to maintenance of all service
Also with important% we will support the most interesting projects besides ours.

The distribution of the rewards will be daily

Share distribuition will be

70% Community sharing
 5%  Dapp Development fund
10% Communities activities
15% IT infrastructures & Team



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