Growing Black color Hair To Great Lengths

My hair story... in pictures My trip in pictures from a chin length bob to waist length hair. Back in College or university, I was constantly color, blowdrying and even ironing my locks. This still left my locks perpetually at a chin duration bob After frequent visits towards the hair forums and blogs, I decided to make an effort to grow my hair out, therefore i stopped coloring it, take off the damaged ends and started taking better care of my hair. I started rollersetting instead of blow drying and toned ironing. Stopped using items with petrolatum and mineral oil. Combed and detangled my hair with extreme care. Started co cleaning, moisturizing and sealing my hair weekly. 6 months when i started my journey Within six months of beginning my journey, I had opted from chin length to shoulder length Improvement pic (April 2010) Improvement pic (April 2011) Looking for a trim Progress pic (July 2011) Improvement pic (January 2012) Evaluation shot (Apr 2011 to January 2012) Exactly like when dieting or achieve every other goal, it is important to monitor and track your progress. I made sure to track my improvement. I took images of my locks monthly (I also made monthly update videos on youtube: my youtube route). This helped me identify problems on time and make adjustments to my routine to address them. September 2012 My regimen at the time: - Co clean my hair once weekly with herbal essence's hello hydration hair shampoo and conditioner (We avoid these any longer) - Seal with Extra virgin coconut oil (I acquired mine from Wellness plus at the palms, Lagos) - Wear my hair in protective designs most of the time (Weaves, wigs and updos) - Detangle with extreme care using a wide teeth comb and only after my hair continues to be well conditioned and moisturized - Eat lots of protein (eggs and fish). I did so take supplements on / off (solgars hair skin and nails) but I found it difficult to maintain. Also, it is recommended that you will get nutrients from food rather than from supplements therefore i just tried to incorporate the nutrition that I needed into my diet plan. - Retouch my roots using motions relaxer once every three months on average. However, I did possess intervals where I extended my relaxer for so long as 8 a few months. I don't recommend this if you are not protecting styling 99% of that time period because of the quantity of breakage you can sustain by merely combing hair while stretching. - Use jamaican black castor oil (jbco) on my scalp to stimulate development. (Despite the fact that I stopped by using this after a few weeks because it caused my scalp to itch. Nevertheless, many individuals have had positive results with jbco). You can watch the video on my hair regimen here (I am wearing among my favorite protective styles within this video: a lace wig): I hope this can help. I am posting an up to date list of products that I take advantage of as I am presently along the way of making some adjustments to my routine in order to help me address the dryness and regular tangling that I am currently going through. I came across the hello hydration hair shampoo to be too harsh. It was leaving my hair stripped and dry out. I am also changing my conditioner aswell to one that has no silicones as those could cause build up and dry the hair. Any kind of products which you have used and would recommend? Or any products that you noticed good reviews about? I want to understand in the feedback below... My webpage


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