When ordering a lace front wig, you may be required to measure your head so that your wig will have an ideal match. To measure your head, use a cloth measuring tape so to comfortably wrap it round your head. Wrap your hair in a stocking cap or braid it before you measure your head. The very first thing you will need to measure is the circumference of your head on the hairline. Place the tape flat round your head. Start in entrance in your hairline, wrap round your hear simply above the ears and on the hairline across the nape. Subsequent, measure the space between your front hairline and simply somewhat above your nape. Do not measure to your very nape as a result of if you tilt your head back and your lace front wig falls instantly in your nape, your lace front wig will probably be pushed forward. Next, measure the space between the two ears across your hairline. Next measure the gap between the ears over the top of the top. Then measure the space between the left and proper temple going around the again of the top. Lastly, measure the nape of your neck by putting the tape on the hairline at the back and measuring the width of the hair. Remember to measure every space at the very least thrice to get the correct measurement. Feel free to surf to my page peruvian hair styles


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