How to produce block while running full node successfully?

Hi Tronix, recently we have started running full node from India, in fact, now we are running 4 nodes and the same got updated on While running Full Node with the witness on Git Bash terminal, everything runs smoothly, however, we get certain lines of a message " **19:08:07.554 INFO [o.t.c.s.WitnessService] Try Produce Block
19:08:07.554 INFO [o.t.c.s.WitnessService] Not sync


We have attached the screenshot of the same as well! We are not sure what we are missing, we have followed every possible instruction available on Start Witness Node and

Please check and help us, we believe in Tron and only one to tun the first node on testnet from India. Any much elaborated how to guide is appreciated !!


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