[TRX SR Election] "Tron-Man" open Announcement

Tron-Man Open Announcement


To Whom It May Concern,



My name is Chris Park from Tron-Man.

With hopes of assisting and fostering a positive ecosystem for TRON Mainnet, set to officially launch on June 25, 

Tron-Man intends to run for the TRON SR (Super Representative) position in the election. As such, we wish to share our goals for the TRON blockchain ecosystem development.


@TRON X Tron-Man

TRON, which obtained its first record on CoinMarketCap (Coinmarketcap.com) on September 13, 2017, made a name for itself thanks to its aggressive CEO, Justin Sun, the man behind its foundation.

What TRON is working towards is a decentralized platform in the Web 4.0 era.

We, at Tron-Man, believe that many TRON blockchain-based Dapps will be created in the future. We want to build an ecosystem for TRON blockchains that facilitates the ease and convenience of penetration of these Dapps into our daily lives.


@Devotion and Contributions to TRON

Was it because of the aggressive marketing of TRON CEO Justin Sun?

TRON has quickly become the ninth largest blockchain project.

But then suddenly, we began to wonder whether we, and most of the TRON owners, truly understood TRON.

- What is TRON?

- What environments can be created through TRON?

- Where is TRON currently headed?

- How much do people really understand TRON?

While contemplating these issues, we began to wonder whether there was any way to help TRON participants understand these. Since then, we have been looking for ways to contribute to creating a better blockchain ecosystem.


The Largest Cryptocurrency Community in Korea : “Bitman” ([http://www.bitman.co.kr)

The biggest influence we can put forward is the largest pool of information sharing community in the Korean cryptocurrency market, which is the “Bitman”

With about 450,000 cryptocurrency participants as members, we felt our experience of always providing new and helpful information closely mirrored the TRON SR’s role of community development and expansion.

Our motive is to provide the fastest and most varied news of TRON in Korea. We will also provide a content which is easy-to-understand TRON.

This will facilitate a closer access to the block chain ecosystem. As a result, we want to be the catalyst behind the development of the blockchain industry. Hence, we are determined to run for the TRON Super Representative (SR) position in the election.


@Guard the TRON

The role of TRON’s Super Representative (SR) is not just to produce blocks, maintain servers, and develop the TRON blockchain.

As you can tell from the word “Super Representative”,

the SR has numerous responsibilities.

Running for the position of Super Representative of TRON and being elected means that you are responsible for the future of TRON.


World’s First Exchange to introduce a Tron Market: https://tokenman.com/

We are committed to the development of the TRON ecosystem. Tron-Man will maintain and expand the ecosystem of the TRON blockchain. Furthermore, for the sake of guarding the future of Tron, we have scheduled to open a “Tron Market” in July. The Tokenman Exchange will be the first to introduce TRON Market in the world. Starting with this, Bitman will work with its partners in the global exchange to gradually expand TRON Market.


In addition, we will actively support the marketing through Bitman, and also support the listing of the Tokenman Exchange by exploring excellent Tron dapp.


Moreover, Tron-Man will strive to improve TRON’s ecosystem and value.


Just as the advent of smart phones has changed our lives forever, the advent of the new Leading Project will bring about a major change in the blockchain ecosystem.


TRON-lympic  = “TRON Hackathon Olympic”

As SR of Tron-Man, we are eager to work closely with the TRON SRs from around the world. We would like to suggest a TRON Hackathon Olympic that brings together the various TRON communities from around the world.

Each year, teams that pass each country’s online qualifying round, from 1st to 3rd place, will advance to the final round. At this point, the finalists will be selected through the SR conference. This will be held every two years.

“TRON-LYMPIC” (TRON Hackathon Olympic) will produce various TRON Dapps. We expect them to be the driving force behind the growth of the ecosystem throughout TRON and blockchain.


Tron-Man Community Compensation and Dapp Development Support

TRON Super Representative (SR) election is on June 25, at 10 a.m.(GMT +8).

As you start creating the TRON Block, you will obtain block compensation and vote compensation. 38% of the total SR rewards that Tron-Man will receive are community rewards. Everyone who votes in favor of Tron-Man will be paid in installments according to the voting rate. (The payment method and cycle is currently under discussion)

This reward is also meant to be paid to those who believe in and support Tron-Man. On the other hand, it is also meant to encourage members to exercise their voting rights afforded by the Dpos agreement and to invigorate the TRON community. We promise to help develop a great project and share the rewards with voters.


At first, when we set a 38% of voter reward, we discussed whether it was rather high. However, We wanted to show our principles and values of provide more reward for our supporters.(voters)


*Tron-Man will not seek our interests through a Super Representatives(SR)!

We will continue to present additional incentives for our Tron-Man supporters, to do not concern about our interests, even after the selection of a Super Representatives(SR).


Will support(contribute) to develop a great project based on Tron.
And then airdop the token rewards to Tron-Man voters, depending on their voting ratio.


To ensure various Dapp developments based on TRON, Tron-Man will analyze and evaluate TRON blockchain-based ICO’s directly. We also plan to provide 8% of our SR rewards for projects with high growth potential. The project rewards from this 8% will be distributed differently, according to the decisions of the voters who support Tron-Man.


The token return for the project from that support above is;

Will distributed to our Tron-Man voter differently, depending on the voting ratio.


As such, along with active voting in the TRON community, we will provide a direct view of the development status and diversity of the TRON ecosystem.



As we planned and prepared for this election, we realized we needed a project that can contribute to society.


All of our projects are based on man, which as the “people”.


[BITMAN]  X  [TOKENMAN]  X  [Tron-Man]

Our existence value is MAN; the people; which as based on maximizing profits for the Tron investors.

For sure, the Tron blockchain environment must to be developed to maximize the return of investors.

Therefore, we don’t seek our personal interests to create such an environment.

We will focus all of our efforts on the development of ecosystems and the value of the Tron.


We hope and pray that every TRON investor will be able to smile with every leap Tron-Man makes.


Thank you always,


“We are never unique. But, We’re different”


Best regards,


Chris Park

Tron-Man Team Leader



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*Some contents were changed.



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