70% bonus share--Automated Dividend Allocation System for TRX Holders




70% bonus share!

By 26th JUNE,Voting is TRON mining! TokenBank has converted the bonus for super nodes into a type of wealth management product irrespective of overall rises and falls:weekly fixed returns only by voting “http://d2fapp.com/

Direct to Fans Co.ltd.will share 70% TRON TRX bonus with voters who vote for us,come on to vote for “D2FAPP” in https://tronscan.org/#/votes!For details:http://d2fapp.com/

1000000TRX 红包 (red packets)


Get red packet only by voting,Whether D2F becomes super representativ or not


How to get bigger red packet:More Voting,red packet larger!


Attention:Vote must be freezing for “D2FAPP”during the red packets campaign period or you will lost your TRX  red packet




Token Bank


One Token, One Right


1. D2F advocates that all voters should be entitled to share the dividends for their votes. That’s what a super representative should do, otherwise how do we represent you?


2. To help the voters share dividends for their votes and avoid node cheating, D2F has developed an automated dividend allocation system called TokenBank (Chinese name: 节点银行), as a result of which the voters do not need to worry about how the returns will be provided after votes are cast. As long as the supernodes normally produce blocks, TokenBank will enable the voters to automatically receive dividends for their votes.


3. For the token holders, TokenBank has converted the bonus for super nodes into a type of wealth management product, thus the token holders will have fixed returns irrespective of overall rises and falls. 


4. D2F will allocate 70% of the total bonus amount to the voters and use 30% to pay the expenditures incurred by our team and expenditures for servers used to produce blocks. We want to truly become a representative of the community and benefit every token holder.


5. Without requiring registration, TokenBank will provide dividends on a weekly basis. What you need to do is just to vote for D2F (Chinese name: 每日互联), upon which the system will be automatically triggered and D2F will, on a weekly basis, airdrop dividends into the wallet you use to vote.


 6. We welcome other super representative to join us. Our system can be opened to other representatives at any time. 


Dividend mechanism:


How to get more dividends:Voting earlier,Dividends larger!

2、投票者所得分红trx=投票数/(总得票数-每日互联自身投票)x 时段奖金数

TRX to be obtained by a voter as dividend = number of votes cast / (total votes obtained – votes cast by D2F itself) x bonus for the period

3、时段奖金数:(每日领取trx数量-每日出块获得trx数量)x 1/4 x 70% x 代表资格系数

Bonus for the period: (quantity of TRX obtained each day – quantity of TRX obtained due to producing blocks) x 1/4 x 70% x representative qualification coefficient


Representative qualification coefficient: 1, if D2F becomes a super representative in the next period; 0, if D2F does not become a super representative in the next period.


Bonus will be calculated once in each period (6 hours) within the activity period. The total bonus amount will be the sum of the bonuses receivable by all voters for different periods.


Corresponding TRX will be transferred to each address from which votes are cast. 

Participatory approach




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