TRON Korea to run as TRON Super Representative Candidate

TRON Korea

1. An official website

2. Team information:

  • Location of the Team : Seoul

  • Arranged location of server : Seoul

  • Server type : cloud(AWS)

3· 2018 expenditure budget and technical plan by June 26th.

  • 2018 expenditure budget

  • Technical plan

    • x1.16xlarge (64cores, 1TB RAM), 4TB SSD, 10,000 IOPS

    • main / backup

    • Pricing

      • x1.16xlarge : $6,963/mo

      • 4TB SSD : $512/mo

      • 10,000 IOPS : $607/mo

      • Total : $7,676/mo x 2 = $15,352/mo

4· 2018 hardware capacity upgrade plan after June 26th.

  • Starting from Sep 1

    • x1.32xlarge (128cores, 2TB RAM), 4TB SSD, 10,000 IOPS

    • main / backup

    • Pricing

      • x1.32xlarge : $13,925/mo

      • 8TB SSD : $1,024/mo

      • 20,000 IOPS : $1,214/mo

      • Total : $16,163/mo x 2 = $32,326/mo

5· 2018 community support plan

From the start point, we has designed our path in 3 phases.  

  The first phase, we set up as the first step of long journey, was building the utmost korean ethereum payment community based on Coinduck which was then the Korea’s first ethereum offline payment service.  On top of 300 business partners accompanying Coinduck from the very start, 400 more business relations are gained in amazingly short period.

We’ve accomplished the intended goal in good time and are now about to face the second phase. Our second goal, building the first towering TRON community across the entire Northeast Asia, seems not that far away from where we are now. Second goal can be specified into 2 subordinate plans.

1) Tron payment service  in Northeast Asia
 In our understanding of blockchain, we firmly believe that in order to make further progress, blockchain should get connections with real world. TRON Korea team has made that connection in the first place by launching cryptocurrency payment service and gathering 700 more partners in real economy who sell real stuff we use daily like car, house and so on.  700 real economy partners indicate that as TRON Korea set up the tron payment system, immediately every single tron user can pay with tron in real economy.

2)  Community  support & development
TRON Korea has assembled a multinational communicative team. Each TRON Korea  staff will directly participate in building TRON community across Northeast Asia countries. Moreover, budget plan for 2018 includes economic support for TRON foundation and TRON blockchain development.

The last phase where TRON Korea is heading for is building the entire ASIA crypto community on the basis of TRON platform. We ensure with TRON, asia oriented blockchain platform, we are quite sure that it won’t take so long. Therefore, TRON Korea welcomes every one million TRON supporters to join our journey as a SR.

6. List of key staff and their photos &  7. Background qualifications of key staff

Minsub Shin / Team Leader

  For TRON ecosystem, he is devoted to establishing policies and leads strategy of TRON Korea. He profoundly devises methods for making social impact through blockchain projects including TRON blockchain project. Previously, he  was a serial entrepreneur in social venture field. Currently, he hold the position of team leader in Coinduck as a founder and also leads TRON korea. He studied business & administration in Hongik University.

Minseong Kim / Strategy Manager

  He is in charge of domestic and overseas business development of TRON Korea. He is well-informed in fields of cryptocurrency trading, blockchain technology, investment and strategy. Before, he worked as an associate at private equity funds. He also worked for Chain Partners, korea’s first blockchain company builder, as a business development manager and sales manager.  

Taehoon kim / Service Operating Manager

 He is in charge of overall service operation and development. In the past, he gained hands-on experience of both consulting and accelerating in social venture field. He also has experience in directing all-round PR &  strategy for several leading financial companies and chemistry corporation. He studied business & administration in Yonsei University.

Yonghyun Cho / Communication Manager

 She communicates with global TRON communities including home community and monitors  TRON ecosystem to provide TRON holders with lastest directions. With outstanding multinational communication and networking skills, she is dedicated to enlarging TRON ecosystem with other community members. She also works for Coinduck as  a communication manager. She graduated from Daewon Foreign Language high school and studied french education and business & administration in Seoul National University.

Jinkyu Son / Software Engineer

  He is responsible for software engineering at TRON Korea. He is devoted to guarantee secure and stable block production leading team research in fields of blockchain. He has experience as a software engineer for over 6 years in  IT leading companies, 3D Systems and Skelter Labs. He graduated from Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages and studied mechanical engineering in Seoul National University.

Dongwoo Gwak / Software Engineer

 He is in charge of software engineering at TRON Korea. He contributes to TRON Korea grappling with suitable solutions for vitalizing  blockchain ecosystem. Previously, he had worked as server/web engineer at Hyundai Motor Company and other various startups. He graduated from Yonsei University majoring in mechanical engineering.

8. Testable nodes for community members

9. A certain amount of social media influence:



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