Hi, thanks for look in to mi site and thanks for voting me for super representative

To benefit from your votes i will donate SR income to my friends who donates their money to make people around the world more happy and healthy. Im not building walls i love people to much. 

TRONics given mi their votes gets 70% income. 

Rest av invest goes to my friends who volunteers to help orphans children in Kenya.

This Facebook page is showing for members what they achieved so far...

there is more projects to help refuges and people off Syria.

Benefits are more and only imagination sets limits, be free to response  [email protected]

Id like to thank you for one more time for believing in me and considering my planes be real in sooner future.

W.B.R. Marat Kalasuev

Feel free to make a donate TRX: TE7BWvxSPbsxZ5MVFFLfmkDnBw3MRFQGtw 



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