running for SR

We will endeavour to make be the largest in Australiasia. Our goals will be developing real
world DApps for the community and providing resources to encourage growth in the tron's ecosystem.

We will be providing a number of platform for developers to develop DApps to encourage end-users to participate in using the Tron network.
The long term goal will be self-governing and self-dependent. It will be a tedious long road but it will be worth "DECENTRALISING THE WEB".

David Tran - Founder.
I am a former Database and System Admin for Visy Industries.
I have worked with Sybase and HP Unix over 5 years of experience.
Currently, I am a freelance entrepreneur and an investor in crypto technologies.

Bulhan Bulhan - Co-founder and Lead Developer.
Former Database Admin for Visy Industries.
20 years of experience in software developments.
Extensive knowlegde in C/C++, Java and coding apps for real world's problem.
Currently, he's working for a mining company in software development.

Matt Baessato - PR specialist, Business Development and Real Estate.
He has experience in business networking.
He's heavily involved in the crypto scene as a trader and investor.

??? - Web Designer.
We are looking for a specialist in web desigining and content creator for this group.

??? - Tech head
We are looking for a person to look after our infrastruture both hardware and networking.
Must have demonstrated experience on security.

??? - Content creator/Graphic GFX
We are looking for a highly motivated person whose skills will drive us toward Decentralising the Web.

We will endeavour to deliver a fair but workable reward system. Reward will be distribute on a monthly basis. The priority is our members and non-members involved with directly and Tron Foundation indirectly.

1. Running cost of the server and incurred electricity.
2. Hardware upgrades.
3. Network upgrades.
4. 20% of cost will incurred by SR node and 80% will go to the community.
5. Once SR node has recuperated from initial investment and future investment, 100% will go back to the community.

1. SR node generated token cumulated.
2. DApps generated token cumulated.
3. DApps generated incoming cumulated.
4. Proof of Work will be 100 trx per hour for the SR node. Proof of Work must be legitimate with the community.
5. Proof of Work for the community will be 10 trx per submission. Proof of Work must be legitimate and beneficiary to the, Tron Foundation and Tron's global community.

The KISS (Keep It Smart and Simple) methodoly will be used in the distribution of the token cumulated. The 'Vault' will be used to keep token from initial startup and contribution by members of the community. The 'Vault' has a reserved of about 500K.
For example, If Fred and Barney submitted 20K of trx toward funding then the 'Vault' reserved will be 540K of trx.
So Fred and Barney has 3.7% respectively in the stake of the 'Vault'.
So if SR generated an income of 400K of trx after deduction, 3.7% will be distributed to Fred and Barney.

I believe it is a simple, very transperancy and fair.

The hardware we have selected not ONLY serve as validation node but also serve as a development platform. The server will be running RHEL 7.5.
Our long term goals will be adding more server onto the network.

Our Server is:
i9 7940X CPU
128Gb of Ram
500Mb of SSD
20TB of mirrored 5
1060 GPU
FTTP internet connection

Our future hardware upgrades
Dual Xeon E7-8890 v4
512Gb of Ram
1Tb of SSD
100TB of mirror 10
1080TI GPU
Dual FTTP internet connection for redundancy.
10hrs UPS.

Our humble website is


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