This just might be the coolest domain to integrate TRON.

If you were going to build a wallet/browser/dapp platform on TRON what would you call it? What could you name a site loke that and almost guarentee success just on the domain name alone? What would something that powerful be worth? 
Im talking so cutting dge, so scilicon valley leading foresight.. How much is a site loke that worth? 
Lets find out.. 
A death in the family has devestated everything around me, left me alone, depressed and facing homelessness.. Crazy to think just 6 months ago i was comfortably middle class, now, unbanked poverty.. dont pitty party me, Im a big boy and will pull through stronger than before.. But I wont be able to develop this kick ass website. So Im putting it up for a steal!! 
In the right hands this Tron based website can be a Million dollar exit in kess than 6 months.. it looks badass, it sounds badass and it damn well better bebadass in the right hands.. I had plans to build this site into a Cipher Browser/Trust wallet browser type platform for Tron dapps.. 
I am selling it to the right Whale for $25,000 USD and will accept any currently binance traded crypto. The domain name??

Https://   $25,000usd equivelent. 

Thank you.. for saving my from homelessness. 

God Bless
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