instruction of Tron mainnet

Phase 0: Preparation


June 18th - TRON Foundation invites all Super Representatives candidates to attend a rehearsal in preparation for the launch of the TRON main network on the 20th.


June 20th - All Super Representatives candidates are invited to participate in the main network launch rehearsal. TRON’s engineers will be responsible for scoring each participant's performance in the rehearsal. TRON will select the best performing 27 anonymous technical elites and invite them to become the TRON network’s founding Genesis Representatives. GRs will be responsible for the initiation of TRON main net and its maintain in the beginning.

In consideration of safety, 27 GRs will be kept anonymous. Their information like IP addresses will not be published.



Phase 1: Guardian Era


June 24th - The 27 chosen Genesis Representatives will link together to create a Guardian network in preparation for the Genesis Node of the TRON main network.



Phase 2: Genesis Era


June 25th - At 10:00 am (GMT+8, Singapore Time), the TRON Foundation will appoint one of the 27 GRs as the Genesis Boot Node, who will produce the Genesis Block and initialize the parameters of the network. Joining together with the 26 Genesis Representative nodes, they will officially launch the TRON main network. This is the official opening of TRON Independence Day.


The Genesis Representatives will have by default 100 million TRON Power. A candidate that officially participates in the Super Representative elections can replace one of the GRs after obtaining more than 100 million votes. When all 27 GRs are replaced by super representative SRs, the TRON network will officially enter the next Era.

(The official website will display a progress bar showing the progress of GR->SR replacement)



Phase 3: Constitutional Era


When all 27 GRs are replaced by SRs, TRON's main network will have entered the constitutional Era of co-governance by the community. The elected SRs will accept the responsibilities of processing then network transactions and providing support for the subsequent rounds of SR elections every 6 hours.



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