34rth [leetspeak for "earth"] runs for Super Representative

Dear all,

34rth would like to apply for a Tron Super Representative Candidate. 34rth is leetspeak for "earth".

Our mission is to democratically evolve, guide and steer decentralization’s Raison d’Être.

Tron's vision to create a decentralized internet that allows everyone to freely create content, including websites and applications, without relying on centralized services by empowering the users will transform the internet on a global scale.

„Decentralization“ in the world of blockchain is a noble concept that is ambiguous by its very definition:
  • Infrastructure decentralization
  • Content decentralization
  • Architectural decentralization
  • Political decentralization
  • Logical decentralization
  • Development decentralization
  • Decision decentralization
to name just a few. Each of these dimensions surface their cons and pros over time and are sometimes impossible to predict a priori.

We are democrats, technologists and philosophers at heart: we participate in the Tron Super Representative Election to guarantee that the pros and cons of each of the dimensions of decentralization are weighted and voted on democratically.

Application information

  • Official Website: https://tron.34rth.com
  • Team Location: Munich, Germany (https://goo.gl/maps/TuTCRnP15NR2
  • Server type: Dedicated server @ Hetzner, cloud-ready.Fully containerized.
  • Server configuration & Location Configuration:
  • Budget and technical plan (before June 26):
    • Auto-scaling & fail-over super nodes.
    • Developing Heroku API against account balance freely shared on GitHub;
    • Community Board & further governance information re voting
    • We have spent a middle 5 digit US Dollar figure until now.
    • Hardware expansion will be automated to Heroku (https://www.heroku.com/pricing) with PERFORMANCE L nodes. Formula: [floor((tron_awards_in_USDT)*0.55 / 500) == nr_of_PERFORMANCE_L_nodes]
  • Hardware Expansion Plan for 2018 (after June 26):
  • Community Support Plan for 2018:
    • GitHub: https://github.com/34rth/tron
    • Community board with community incentives for contribution of: articles, videos, podcasts, re-tweets & comments (of Justin Sun, TronFoundation & 34rth_tron), as well as comments.
    • Fully fledged Dapp Search and Information Engine.
  • Main Staff:
    • Charly: In the course of the companies Charly founded, built, worked for, failed at or sold, he has done pretty much everything from defining the company’s vision, deriving a concise strategy and underlying business objectives, negotiating investment and key contracts, managing sometimes highly politically charged investor relations, managing international press, leading his teams through constant transformation, to enabling and participating in a highly efficient environment for research and development. But above all, he’s a geek, proper technology & data nerd, people manager and networker at heart – not necessarily in this order.
    • Titus: Titus has more than 10 years of experience in the enterprise application development, focusing on projects in the telecommunication, aerospace and security industries as well as governmental projects. After completing his master’s degree in Computer Science at the Technische Universität München with the focus on Natural Language Processing.
    • Freddy: Freddy is a Computer Scientist with several years of experience working hands-on with frontend and backend technologies. Respective developments varied from startups to large scale web projects. Freddy completed his master’s degree in Computer Science as an expert of Image Retrieval, Human-Computer Interaction and Usability. His responisibilities cover projectmanagement, client requirements and integration projects.
    • Hans: Hans is a seasoned and experienced manager. He founded star/track supply chain solutions GmbH in 1998 and successfully led it and built it up to a solid medium-sized business as CFO. Before that Hans has been CEO of a logistic service provider and worked for 8 years as a consultant at Roland Berger. He holds a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as a Masters Degree in Studies of European Business administration.

Many thanks for your consideration!

All the bests,
Your 34rth Team


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