Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — Sesameseed

1. Vision

Sesameseed exists to provide fair and equal participation to the Tron community in the “Super Representative” process. Sesameseed intends to conduct itself as a collective instrument of its community and fairly distribute the rewards it generates across its membership.

2. Organizational Structure

Sesameseed shall be organized according to a standard non-profit organizational model consisting of a Chairman Advisors, Contributors, and other positions as assigned.

3. Server Information

Arranged Location of Primary Server - Netherlands (Active on Test Net)

Secondary Server - France (Active on Test Net)

Web and Dapp Development Server - Germany (Active)

Backup – Development Server - AWS, Hosted Solution (To be Active June 21, 2018)

4. 2018 Expenditure Budget and Development Plan by June 26th

$80,000 budget for Initial Technical Development and Implementation to Include:

  • Two Hardware Node Servers, with a Cloud/Hosted AWS solution.

  • Community Website and Registration Program

  • Marketing and Community Outreach2018 

5. Hardware Capacity Upgrade after June 26th

$110,000 earmarked for Security, IT Infrastructure and Testing environment. Investment to Include New Primary Node Located in Los Angeles, CA.

6. Community Support Plan

Sesameseed seeks to fairly distribute the rewards of the Nodes it operates.

In keeping with our core beliefs, a simple 80-10-10 model will be observed.  

  • 80% of all rewards will be distributed to the Sesameseed community in proportion to all votes cast.

  • 10% of all rewards generated by Sesameseed shall be retained by Sesameseed. The use of these rewards will be determined by the community on the first of every month by a 1 vote per active member voting structure.  

  • 10% of all rewards shall be retained by Sesameseed for use as operating expenses.

Total operating expenses and member rewards shall be made available to the community in a completely transparent and consistent manner.

Tokenization of Sesameseed Distribution  

The above-mentioned rewards to the Sesameseed community shall be distributed in the form of Sesameseed tokens aka “Sesameseeds” or “Seed”.

7. Voting Model

Monthly voting shall be conducted by Sesameseed on its website, on the following three topics:  

  • Use of retained funds (10% of monthly rewards) (e.g. Community reward’s, App Developer fund, additional nodes, etc.)

  • Stance of Sesameseed community with respect to Tron Foundation (political position, opinion of Tron Network performance, direction of Tron Foundation, partnerships, etc.)  

  • Polling of Sesameseed’s performance.

Potential topics for voting shall be gathered by general community discussion (social media) as well as formal submission through the website. A topic and voting list shall be available to the community throughout the current month.

8. Leadership Staff

Juliun Brabon - Founder, Chairman

Lean Six Sigma Executive with 9 Years of Executive Leadership experience. Community Advocate and Believer in a Fair Transparent and Inclusive economy that provides equal representation to all of its members.

Kristopher Woyshner - Founder, Strategist

Entrepreneur, early Bitcoin bystander and decentralized technology enthusiast. Spends time engaging in the crypto community as a blockchain advocate, Researching, Learning and spreading knowledge in hope for a better world.

Humpty - Head of Marketing

Marketing strategist, technologist, and life-long student with a penchant for solving problems with emerging technology. Has over 15 years of experience implementing solutions to complex information management problems for startup and corporate clients. Is passionate about solving problems using Blockchain technology.

Mike – Policy and Personnel Advisor

A Human Resource Management Professional certified in PHR. Excited to bring A passion for organizational development and corporate policy to the team.  

Angel – Developer

Multidisciplinary developer with more than 7 years of experience. Working for several companies in game/app/web industry, a tech enthusiast. Passionate for learning and creating state-of-art technology that positively impact the community.

Nathan – Advisor

A Business Owner with 5 years experience as a Physical Therapist while working towards a Masters degree. Experienced in Marketing, Business Administration, Customer Acquisition and Client Relations. Excited to bring Organizational Development, Community Relations, and Project Management skills to the Sesameseed Team and community.

Stache - Designer

Based in Spain, previously a designer now working as a front end developer with an emphasis on custom animations and web apps. With over 13 years experience I'm able to create pretty stuff and make it work.

Danny – Marketing Administrator

Political Science and Communication background with a passion for design and filmmaking. A believer in creating your own path rather then following someone else's with a passion for helping new projects grow into success. The hard work that Tron has done motivated me to take part in Sesameseed and contribute to the success of Tron.

Carl - Head of Security, Technical Node Operation

Klay - Head of Finance

9. Social Media Influence

Telegram - https://t.me/sesame_seed_community

Discord - https://discord.gg/bB6bp9Q

Twitter - https://twitter.com/sesameseed_SR

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6LNJsVKLsX5Qs7BvKP79Hw

Medium - https://medium.com/@sesame_seed

AMA (Live Ask Me Anything) – June 6, 2018

10. Official Website




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