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HyperPay run for Recommended Super Representative

1. Brief Introduction of HyperPay

HyperPay (HPY) is a revolution for the system of accessing, exchanging and transacting funds for both users and service providers. The separation of digital currency wallets and third-party payment platforms is an inconvenience that more people are experiencing by the day. Hyper Pay will enable users to better organize their financial lives and gain greater control of their payment options by combining transaction methods into a single gateway with agility and security unlike any other wallet.

User can use HPY to pay fees and purchase products by HPY digital wallet, and also collect the profits from lock function and PoS function. HPY will also develop APP applications、API payments for merchants、credit loans、mortgages and other projects, solve all payment problems with one wallet.

2. HyperPay Team Information

2.1 An official website:  www.hyperpay.tech

2.2 Location of the Team:  Melbourne, Singapore, Shang Hai

2.3 Arranged location of server:  Alibaba Cloud Sydney

2.4 Server type:  Cloud 

3. Team Objectives and Future Plan

3.1 technical plans and hardware capacity upgrade plan

Before 26/06/2018 server specs and budget:

 MVP (minimum viable product) specification:

Server type: Cloud

Description: VPC cloud environment with SLB (Software Load Balancing) gateway and dedicated S3 storage

1 main node and 1 backup node

With PAYG (pay as you go) SLB (software load balancer)

The backup node will be switched on when the main node is offline. This will be seamless switch as the nodes and underlying storage are backed up in real time.

Rough estimate:

$ 3288.820 USD / Month


After 26/06/2018 server specs and budget:

Node upgrade to the following specs:

Node upgrade to the following specs:

With the current two nodes as redundant backups 

Estimated cost to start with:With the current two nodes as redundant backups

$8902.66 USD / Month

We will implement 24*7 resource monitoring as well as advanced security features such as security posture monitoring to ensure the safety and continuity of the nodes.

Once any system reaching 85% capacity threshold, we will implement more computing and storage resources online.

Furthermore, we will also explore options of integrating hybrid cloud and multi-zone availability options to ensure performance.

We will also employ dedicated system engineers to maintain and optimize server conditions.


3.2 2018 community support plan

HyperPay already has more than 400,000 registered customers and more than 40, 000 fans from social media (e.g. WeChat) and financial media. We are confident that, with all the participation in our community, we could make efforts to promote the development of TRON ecosystem.

HyperPay will establish TRON's express community platform within HyperPay wallet. We will also open the entrance for TRON holders and support TRON community activities priority. Special funds will be established for inviting merchants and more partners to join us to promote the development of TRON community.

4. Core Team Members



As the Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, Jayden is an experienced fund manager with a demonstrated history of investing successfully on behalf of his clients. He is also the manager of Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund. Being an early investor in the blockchain industry, he has extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. He is proficient in incubating blockchain-related start-ups; analysing ICO projects and helping businesses raise capital.



Roger has a diversified experience in various aspect of technology including machine learning, data analytics and cyber security. He was analyst at Deloitte Risk Advisory, Data Scientist at Cover Genius, and Tutor at Deakin University.

Overseeing security architecture operations, sec ops and security testing in product developments, such as basic websites, web applications, blockchain wallet systems and exchanges. With Roger's extensive experience, he will oversee all security operations for HyperPay operations.



Ph.D in Engineering at Monash University;

Early investor of cryptocurrency;

Blockchain fan of public chain and consortium chain; Enthusiast of TRON;

Multiple publications of algorithm & model development on top journals;

Marketing director of HyperPay digital wallet with 300K users;




PR director of Horman capital, Early participants of HyperPay, Partner of Hunan Keinite information technology, Founder of self-media Blockchain Brother. Under his amazing editorial and operational capabilities, the Blockchain Brother gained 30k followers within several months. Now, Xiao is the Director of HyperPay public relations.




Co-founder of online Education P.E.R, Co-founder of Horman Capital. Early investor of multiple famous projects including ETH, TRX, QTUM and EOS. He has been working in publicity of blockchain projects for several years; he has helped HSR, AVH and other projects achieve outstanding success via marketing operations. Now he joined HyperPay to fully implement his marketing skills on the building of the HyperPay community.




Master in mathematical &computational finance of Oxford University, Bachelor in mathematics with Statistics for finance of IC London. Multiple analyst experience gathered from Deutsche Bank, Nanyang Commercial Bank and China Southern Asset Management Co. Ltd. Being an enthusiast of blockchain technology, he actively researches on the efficiency of blockchain network and believes DPOS is the solution. Now, Sichao takes responsibility of financial data analysis.

Developer/product team:  team members are developers/engineers from Australia, China, Singapore, and China.

Marketing/operation team: Early blockchain investors, most of them graduated from world-class universities, with a wealth of experience from digital currency field.

4.2 Testable nodes for community members:  

Testable Node will be launched soon

5. A certain amount of social media influence:

WeChat group: HPY official group (10,000+ members)

BeeChat: HPY中国官方社区 (10,000+ members)

Twitter:  @Hyperpay_tech  (700+ followers)

Telegram:  hyperpayofficialenglish (1000 members in total)

Medium, Facebook, YouTube is operating.

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