Alphacoin Fund to run for TRON Super Representative

1. Official Website:

2.Company Information:

ALPHACOIN is a Singapore based venture capital fund focused on investing blockchain technology and tokens. Since 2017, ALPHACOIN has invested in over 30 leading blockchain technology projects both home and abroad, with a total investment amount in exceed of 50 million USD. Among the investment portfolio, there is BASIS.IO, a stable coin project that was co-invested by top-tier venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital; and there is IOST.IO, which was co-invested by Sequoia Capital, etc. Our investment team consists of professionals from Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Singapore and Silicon Valley. Their backgrounds cover traditional and crypto venture capital investing, blockchain technology and crypto exchange operations. Our investment team is capable of comprehensively assessing blockchain projects based on their technology know-how, engineering capability,business model soundness, and team competency. As a venture capital fund focusing on investment in blockchain technology, ALPHACOIN has founded strategic partnerships with both top-tier venture capital institutions such as Zhen Fund, Sequoia Capital, FBG, Danhua Capital, etc and service providers . With its connections in the blockchain industry, ALPHACOIN has been long dedicated to building an orbicular industry chain with its partners, so as to provide value-added services such as technology assistance, business development advising, marketing, partnership building and exchange listing consulting to the companies we’ve invested.

ALPHACOINFUND 是一家注册于新加坡的专注于区块链技术和通证风险投资的基金。自2017年以来,ALPHACOIN布局投资了全球范围内超过30个优质的区块链技术项目,投资总额超过5000万美金。所投项目中包括了世界顶级风投Andreessen Horowitz贝恩资本等领投的稳定货币项目BASIS.IO

Location of the company: Singapore
Location of anticipated server : Japan
Type of server : Cloud server

3.Recommended Server Details:
x1.16xlarge,vCPU 64 core,RAM,20T SSD Memory(EBS), broadband 25Gbps

4. 2018 Community Support Plan
• To enhance Tron token liquidity, Alphacoin Fund will implement the Tron mainnet into the Wallet project invested. All wallet users will become the Trx supportors, certain technical & marketing support from Tron team needed to achieve to set up.

5. Information of Team Members

Frank Mo

Co-founder of AlphaCoin Fund. Previously worked in Binance, the world’s biggest crypto currency exchanger, mainly responsible for the launch of Binance Info. Frank graduated from Tsing Hua University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
数字资产基金 AlphaCoin Fund联合创始人,曾就职于世界最大数字货币交易所币安,负责大数据入口Binance Info平台搭建。毕业于清华大学新闻系。

Wilson Qiu

Founder of GalaxyChainVentures, providing consulting services to crypto asset investments. Previously worked in IBD of Citigroup. Weishen graduated from Kellogg Business School with an MBA degree.
GalaxyChain Ventures 创始人, 专注于为中美区块链项目的价值投资提供咨询顾问工作。MBA毕业于美国西北大学凯洛格商学院,曾就职于纽约花旗集团企业投资银行部。

Tux Ding

PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University, B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University. Former software engineer at Google, Two Sigma, and Alibaba; researcher at Bell Labs and NEC Labs. Contributor to Linux kernel and etcd; early contributor to the blockchain community.
康奈尔大学计算机博士,清华大学计算机系本科,前 Google、Two Sigma、阿里巴巴软件工程师,前 Bell Labs、NEC Labs 研究员,Linux kernel、etcd 代码贡献者,区块链早期贡献者。

Jacob Zhou

Serial entrepreneur. Founder of GEPOWER, focusing on industrial innovation in the field of electric tools, obtained funding worth of over 10 million USD. Previously worked in BOSCH.

Liangqiang M.

Co-founder of Xansfer quantitative fund. Previously worked in Wyre, a unicorn blockchain company in Bay Area. Lianqiang graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University.

GuiChong Jia

Founder of Singapore Topology Foundation, previously graduated from Nanyang Technology University with a Doctoral degree in Physics. Guichong has accumulated profound investment knowledge in blockchain industry since 2016.
新加坡Topology Foundation 创始人,2016年开始投资区块链项目,投资经验丰富。新加坡南洋理工大学物理学博士。

Xin H.

Partner of Xansfer fund. Xin graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University, and obtained a Master degree in Finance at Columbia University. Xin entered the crypto currency industry in 2013, and has accumulated profound experience of quantitative trading.

6. Test Nodes for Community Members
Under building.

7. Active Community 
No community channel to the public investors but holding the regular communication with blockchain projects, Fund & inverstor institution, etc. Huobi super node union.
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