New Non-Profit Foundation built with TRX looking for Community Programmers!!

edited October 2018 in General
We are Crypto Travels, the new way to travel!! And we have just successfully gained non-profit status in the US! We are making progress everyday and are the tron token that has shown complete intention on furthering decentralization and mainstream adoption. Freshly established, Crypto Travels Inc. is now in search for community support and encourages you all to get behind the only project showing full commitment to decentralization.
Aiming to best serve the community we are searching for the elite programmers and those with the strength to fight for decentralization. Our project is one that disrupts the multi-trillion dollar travel industry by creating the one-stop-shop central hub for affordable travel accommodations. Our projects token will be utilized for massive incentive discounts for the millions of travelers both for business and vacation alike who fly everyday. This is a huge for the community as a whole and for cryptocurrency mainstream adoption.
We have committed to focusing on community like no other Tron project by incorporating as a non profit and now we ask the community to help spread the word that the hottest and truest Tron project is here to stay! People want to see this project come to full life so hurry and leave us with a message with your preferred contact information.


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