will be the main site for the TRON Super Representative campaign.

We are Tron Spark, the first Tron focused news website. We are pleased to announce that we are running for Super Representative.

We will use our news website as our main website for the Tron Super Representative campaign.

Our Campaign Address:

Our Campaign Information Page:

About Us

We are a digital online content platform that focuses on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Tron ecosystem.

The Tron Spark team is a Tron candidate for Super Representative comprised of a devoted group of individuals who have a very deep passion for blockchain and its underlying potential. This passion is the spark behind our drive and motivation. Our goal is to provide the Tron community with a digital content platform which can be used to inform and educate the masses about the potential of blockchain along with the vision of the Tron protocol.

Why Vote for Us

Our goal is to assist Tron in expanding its reach across the globe, thus, making it the smart contract blockchain of choice.

In order to accomplish this feat, we are setting up a digital media outlet that covers blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Tron ecosystem. As our action plan states, with the help of our supporters, we will be providing professional digital content to educate blockchain enthusiasts who can potentially be Tron adopters. The primary objective is to add value to the Tron ecosystem. Being a Super Representative is not just about running a server, it is about leading the Tron movement. And Tron Spark is ready to do just that!

Our Team

Tronspark was founded by 3 early Tron investors who believed in the Tron objective of decentralizing the internet.

Since launching, our team has grown by 3 additional paid staff members and a volunteer marketing group of 10 other individuals.

You can read the full bio of our core team and staff members here:

Social Media Reach

We have a private group of supporters with about 1,000 members here: 

In addition to our private group, one of our founders, Eder Teixeira, has a collective reach between his Youtube page, Twitter and Instagram of over 10,000 followers.

Youtube (Eder):

Youtube (Tron Spark):

Twitter (Eder):

Twitter (Tron Spark):

Instagram (Eder):

Community Support Plan

Our goal is to provide the Tron community with a digital content platform which can be used to inform and educate the masses about the potential of blockchain along with the vision of the Tron protocol. Our primary objective is to present reliable information in an easy to understand and enjoyable manner. We will also be hiring additional staff, such as writers and influencers from the community, in order to deliver the content necessary to meet the demands of our viewers and supporters.

List of Team Members and Pics

Can be found on:

Video and Stream Promotions

Recent Videos: 

Other Videos Made by Our Community:


List of events can be found here:

Community promotion efforts

We have a growing community supporting this project and excited to see its growth.

Private Facebook Group:


Reddit Interactions:


Active nodes:

Server Specs & Upgrade Plan

Full info on Servers Here:

We will start the mainnet node infrastructure with below configuration settings.

Since we are on startup mode and our small team is paying for this system out of our own personal funds to run for Super Representative and also support the Tron mainnet ecosystem launch. Our expected budget for this is $60,000 USD annually.

We will be running the following system configuration:

  • Server Location and Placement: United States East Region (South Carolina)

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  • Google Compute Instance: CPU: 64 cores RAM: 416 GB’s SSD: 4T(EBS)

  • Network Bandwidth: 25Gbps

Once we are successfully voted to one of the Tron Super Representatives with your help and the additional funds raised from the TRX generation we will reinvest the bulk of these funds back into upgrading our systems to further enhance the Tron mainnet by adding the following: (***all nodes will be EC2 Type: AWS x1.16xlarge)

Expected Budget:

$180,000.00 USD per Year QTY: 2 EC2 nodes for Mainnet Witness Nodes QTY: 1 EC2 node for Mainnet Solidity Nodes

Budget Expenses

Servers (estimated): 10% of Rewards

Staff Payout (estimated): 20%



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