【TRON Super representative】Cobo

Cobo X TRX 超级节点竞选


1.             官方网址;https://cobo.com

2.             公司信息:

a. 公司所在地;北京, 上海,西雅图


3.             服务器安放在AWS/阿里云

a. 服务器类型:云端

b. 2018年6月26日前预算支出和技术方案:


4.             2018年度6月26日后硬件扩容计划

a. 每个云服务上至少一个主节点和一个备份节点,CPU容量保持在70% 以下,如果超出会相应增加一个主节点和备份节点

b. 扩充节点到2个以上的云服务上

c.  专职运维工程师维护,24/7监控系统

5.             2018年度社区支持计划

a. 在Cobo钱包生态中建立Tron基于Cobo内的社区平台,单独为Tron项目开放入口,并将Tron项目推荐权重提高,加大在技术支持和开发等方面的支持力度及优先权。

b. 专项基金: 创立一只基金用于Tron社区建设,孵化相关项目,并在Cobo钱包内推出相关项目的众筹及投资产品等。


6.             提供主要雇员的列表和照片,提供主要雇员的简介:

a. 神鱼: F2POOL创始人、Cobo联合创始人。

b. 蒋长浩: 币行创始人、前Facebook高级科学家、Cobo联合创始人

c.  开发/ 产品团队:来自新加坡、澳大利亚、美国、中国的开发者,曾受雇于Google、Facebook等一线互联网公司。

d. 市场及运营:团队成员曾任职360、国美在线等知名互联网公司并任高管后进行创业拥有丰富创业经验及公司管理能力。海外负责人来自新加坡曾任职Twitter与其他区块链公司。


7.             拥有可供社区成员测试的节点。

a. Cobo计划在4/28日前完成2个测试节点的搭建和上线。


8.             具有一定影响力的社区:

a. 覆盖行业QQ群500+,覆盖超50万人

b. Cobo官方微信群30个,覆盖超万人

c.  Cobo项目讨论群50+、覆盖2万人

d. 国际社区账号Twitter,Medium, Telegram 运行中


Cobo X TRX Super Representative announcement


1.             Official website: https://cobo.com

2.             Company details: 

a. Cobo is the only mobile wallet you ever need to own and use cryptocurrencies. Within the same app, you can send and receive over 20 cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, TRX, EOS, XRP, BCH, LTC, ZEC, DASH, OMG etc).

b. Location: Beijing, Shanghai (China), Seattle (USA)

3.             Server details:

a. AWS / Alicloud, Cloud server

b. 2018/6/28 budget and technical plan:


4.             2018/6/26 hardware and server expansion plans

a. 每个云服务上至少一个主节点和一个备份节点,CPU容量保持在70% 以下,如果超出会相应增加一个主节点和备份节点 Every cloud service we use shall have 1 main node and 1 backup node. CPU capacity will be lower than 70%. We will add additional should capacity hit limits.

b. Expand to 2 cloud providers

c.  Full-time devops engineering team to monitor system 24/7


5.             2018 Community development and growth plans:

a. Within the Cobo ecosystem, we will establish communities for Tron enthusiasts. There will be a gateway to Tron in Cobo wallet. We will also be prioritizing integrations and support for the Tron platform.

b. We will look to set up a fund for Tron community management, project incubation and have related products in Cobo.

6.             Team description and names

a. Shenyu - Co-founder of Cobo and founder of F2pool

b. Changhao Jiang - Co-founder of Cobo, previously founder of Bihang (acquired by OKCoin) and early Facebook research scientist 2008-2012.

c.  Development team come from various countries such as Singapore, Australia, USA and China with a wealth of experience from companies like Google, Facebook and other tier 1 internet companies.

d. Marketing and operations team led efforts at 360, Twitter and other blockchain companies globally.


7.             Testnodes for the community:

a. Cobo plans to complete deployment of 2 test nodes by end April.


8.             Social communities and reach:

a. Over 500 QQ groups with reach of 500,000+

b. 30 Cobo official wechat community groups with reach of 10,000+

c.  Cobo project discussion groups of over 20,000+

d. Twitter, Medium and Telegram presence for information sharing

e. Coverage on top media publications like Forbes, 36KR, 8BTC etc


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