Raybo will be the main site for the TRON Super Representative campaign.

Since 2014, Raybo has been committed to promoting decentralized distributed clearing technology represented by Ripple in Greater China, promoting block chain clearing technology in financial institutions such as banks. In the same year, it won the angel round investment of IDG Capital, a top venture capital institutions.

Raybo is a pioneer in promoting the blockchain technology in Greater China. It has always been committed to promoting the blockchain technology. Through democratic voting, TRON Network aims to achieve the governance structure of an autonomous community. While Raybo is continuously cooperating with enterprise organizations, it is willing to participate in carrying out the efforts of promoting the blockchain technology.

We encourage TRON officially certificated TRX holders to vote for Raybo, and help Raybo get elected as TRON's Super Representative. We hope to help the growth of TRON Network with our own technology and experience in the industry.
For more information about Raybo, please refer to the link: www.raybo.com


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