Applying for Tron SR Position.

TRONSR RANKING Application Answers:

1.Official Site

2.Team info:

Charity Compassion Coin (CCC): 

We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. 

With the help of blockchain technology we ensure Governments and International powers that be, can recognize the ability of Charity Compassion Coin's ability to seamlessly integrate any size of needed humanitarian aid and relief funds. 

These funds and aid are the needed miracles to succeed rebuilding even the most devastating issues at hand in the suffering world and human race globally.

Together we succeed these miracles step by step, moment by moment, until any and all global sufferings are healed and once again safe, back into stability.

Charity Compassion Coin is the tool for these miracles to be answered.

Executive Whitepaper Link:


Bullion Troy Grain (BTG):

Bullion Troy Grain seeks and succeeds securing precious commodities and assets moving day to day globally!

Utilizing blockchain technology we have succeeded in seamless traceable and un-hackable transfers. This solves and fulfills securing unaltered trust between all entities, whether it be International Governments transacting, or small business to customer daily sales.

Bullion Troy Grain is low fee or next to no fee, lightning fast, smooth and continuous. This solves and defines the new way of asset protection with no  gaps or spaces between one part and the next, beginning to end.

Together we provide the global community honest “TRUST” directly involving all precious bullion types.

Executive Whitepaper Link:


Blockchain Tao Currency (BTC):

What Blockchain Tao Currency Solves

Blockchain Tao Currency simply put is a fresh start to the ways of digital currency. Representing the path of wellness, the ways of trust must be among the unalterable and safe ability to give and receive consumer goods, products and services via digital currency.

With a trust ability altogether among each other practicing honesty, allows a fully transparent aspect of the financial marketplace of all transactions to be traceable. With a full level of un-compromised privacy behind all transactions of identities of payers and payees for all daily goods and services throughout the entire planet when need be as well. This is the power of blockchain technology in a simplified form. This is the power of Blockchain Tao Currency.

Executive Whitepaper:

3.Social media influence

Charity Compassion Coin:

Facebook: Likes / Members: 4 Likes / 26 Members

Telegram: Members: 12

Instagram: Followers: 84

Twitter: Followers: 94


Bullion Troy Grain:

Facebook: Likes / Members: 3 Likes / 37 Members

Telegram: Members: 1,298

Instagram: Followers: 1,157+

Twitter: Followers: 158


Blockchain Tao Currency:

Facebook: Likes / Members: 1 Like / 2 Members

Telegram: Members: 18

Instagram: Followers: 158

Twitter: Followers: 239

4.Annual community support plan

Continuation of pre-ico crowd-sale’s of all coded encryption coin securities/utilities. 

Once pre ico cap of crowd sale and foundational following is achieved road map will be updated on all online website ecosystem sites depicting into main ICO phases 1-4 unless sold out prior to soft/hard cap requirements for product capital funding for marketing expenditures, business needs into advancements of corporate developments, and finally for Bullion Troy Grain, the finalized software product development funded and completed to function through AI Bullion Troy Grain cryptocurrency tool product. Expenses of exchange listing fees, as well as funding towards any share dumping to stabilize price in open market trading.

Airdrop continuation apart from initial pre ICO airdrops into community for crowdsourcing and building for Blockchain Tao Currencies side-chain child currency Genesis Alpha Coin. Finalized Python Coding and deployment of Blockchain Tao Currency and side-chain coil coin Genesis Alpha Coin into NEO’s network and or direct multitudes into Tron’s main net.

Incentives of Tron based community forums directly here to contribute to constructive and positive conversations surround around the development space of Tron, Bullion Troy Grain, Charity Compassion Coin and Blockchain Tao Currency. Such incentives entail receiving airdrop coins direct to your wallet(s) for consistent appropriate postings and forum conversations.

5.List of team members & pics

Kingdom (Kin) Kendall: Founder, Owner Creator and Coder of Charity Compassion Coin, Bullion Troy Grain and Blockchain Tao Currency.

6.Team intros

American born Kin Kendall has travelled the globe from a young age into adulthood. Fashioned in the expertise of business communications and development, along with running businesses among the production of industrial and theatrical grade synthetic fiber slings for heavy lifting, doing business with Japan and other global distributers,  he is now bringing forth personal additions into blockchain technology based businesses functioning cryptocurrency types as useful tools to solve needed aspects in business trade and financials along with trust applications throughout and within societies ways of charitable philanthropy and community based giving.


Bullion Troy Grain (BTG) Promo AD: 

Bullion Troy Grain (BTG) Promo AD 2: 

Blockchain Tao Currency ADs:

8.Meet Up


9.Community promotion efforts


10.Testable nodes

Still currently working through deploying an active testnet Tron node through SSH google cloud sourced project buildout.

11.Plans for hardware expansion

All hardwares are Apple macintosh based Mac Pro's all with 7 teraflops of computing power and 12gb GDDR5 VRams, Thermal Cores, and 802.11ac wi-fi connection capabilities. Processing powers: 8 core 3.9ghz each.

(1) Internet network speeds are at the highest peak performance that is currently allowable through business internet speed buildout and access.

(2)Dual-system backup, which is a factor of stability and data security performance.

Multiple backup Apple Machintosh Mac Pro's for backup node runnings.

(3)In addition to verifying the node, multiple full nodes can also be provided, which can provide better API services to others.
According to above criteria, the content submitted by candidates will be scored appropriately, with a maximum score of 1 point.

Set forth in above reference to multiple Mac Pros existing each with its own ssh google cloud Tron based project node build-outs.

12.Server location:

Server buildout is located in Northampton, Massachusetts, United States, and in Huntington Massachusetts, United States.

13.Server types:

Xfinity based server provider for highest capably internet speed connections possible. 

14.Sever configuration

8 (Eight) Apple macintosh based Mac Pro's all with 7 teraflops of computing power and 12gb GDDR5 VRams, Thermal Cores, and 802.11ac wi-fi connection capabilities. Processing powers: 8 core 3.9ghz each, equalling 64 core.

15.Budget expenses

General expenses are distributed to ssh google cloud Tron project based node runnings, general Xfinity business internet server monthly charges and fees, along with general business site electrical charges for hardware and server runnings.



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