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TronSuperstore vs Bitcoinsuperstore
To all SR, PG and others: What can you contribute to the development of a truly decentralized P2P ecommerce application on tron platform to use TRX & other cryptos? Ideas, suggestions, participation welcome. Why shouldn't we have our OWN Superstore?


  • 1. Tron Market place - 
    2. Tron Bay
    3. Tronbook :D.
    4. Tronmail
    5. Tron Travel - pay airline ticket, accommodation with tron
    6. Tron Hotel
    7. Tron Stealth sim - sick of robo calls and indian marketers calling my phone everyday!
    8. Trontube 
    9. Tron browser - could be better than Brave browser
    10. Tron eBike
    11. - rent a car online and put out of competition, because they rely on fiat and fiat currency means, greedy elite satanist, luciferian bankers.
    12. Charitron - a charity foundation (but never donating to the UN)

    That's not even the tip of the iceberg ;). Imagine the employment these twelve innovation can create. The only barrier is our imagination, otherwise all of them are obtainable. ;)

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