What The Difference Is And Why Understanding Is very important

I get many emails from purchasers eager to know the difference between virgin hair and remy hair. Often they e mail me as they are buying on a hair company's webpage or internet web page (with eBay or Amazon) they usually discovered an incredible deal on bundles of hair from somewhere and of course everybody's hair is "100% pure virgin remy" proper? Nevertheless, not all hair sold on-line is identical. In this article, I'm going to clarify what virgin hair is and what remy hair is and give you some pointers on how not to get ripped off by falling for a ridiculously low value. Let's begin with virgin hair: Virgin hair is just that, virgin, it means it has by no means been touched by processing in any way (dye, bleach, curled, ironed... anything). If hair is virgin meaning the one that donated (or bought) their hair to the extension maker never did any processing to their hair in any method and the company that harvested the hair and made it into a weft didn't process it in any approach both. BTW - Washing does not depend as processing, please wash your hair regularly. Bottom Line: If the hair you're looking to buy has had ANY processing steps done to it, chemical or non-chemical, then it is not virgin. Do not believe the hype! (Sorry for the public Enemy reference lol - but I love P.E.) Now let's speak about remy hair: Remy hair is hair that the extension maker has taken the time and expense to make sure the entire roots and ends of the donor hairs that make up the weft are going in the identical course. This enables the weft to circulation and behave like your individual pure hair does. Real remy hair will not tangle or snag when cared for correctly. Backside Line: When you purchase remy hair online, inspect the product fastidiously and ensure the entire roots and ends are laid out as I've just described. Also be careful when a hair vendor tells you that their hair is "single drawn". Single drawn remy hair wefts come from a single donor and command the very best grade and worth. Single drawn pure virgin remy hair (grades 6A and above) is very costly. You won't find the actual deal at a bargain basement value if the retailer is being honest. I'm just being trustworthy with you. If you are on a price range, (real) grade 5A will do you proper. The only distinction is in how the hair is drawn. 5A virgin remy will look and feel like the upper grades and it will last as much as a 12 months if you take care of it. I had a consumer a number of years in the past that wanted her sew-in redone every two weeks with 6A hair it doesn't matter what. Hey, it was her cash. Let's speak weight: You should also listen to the weight. A FULL bundle of hair should be one hundred grams (or 3.Fifty two ounces if you are a non-metric system individual like me lol) and it takes three bundles to do the typical head (longer lengths or a larger head could require four bundles). If a seller says that they will sell you three bundles of hair for an incredibly low price please learn the wonderful print and make sure you might be getting three one hundred gram bundles. Any less and you will find yourself with half a weave when you're sitting in your beautician's chair. I have sent many a client of mine out of my shop with half of a hairdo while they run and try to seek out enough hair to complete their desired look as a result of they acquired scammed by a web site that sold them 50 gram bundles. How about length?: Yes ladies, measurement does matter in relation to hair extensions. There are retailers that may "short" the length of extensions that they promote. They are going to sell you a 16 inch extension and that extension may very well be solely 15 inches and even shorter. Once more be looking out and do not fall for a low price without doing all your homework. To wrap this up, there are lots of trustworthy hair retailers on the web that may at all times let you know the true deal on their products and there are some shady ones that will say anything to attempt to get your money. In my experience, you may tell too much by looking at the worth. Beware of very low costs that simply appear too good to be true. Read the high-quality print in all listings. Assessment buyer feedback scores and above all, develop a relationship with a hair retailer that you belief or get a solid advice. Buying on worth alone and not being attentive to the main points can get you burned when you're buying hair extensions online. I know that via experience: Each time I might see a woman with a "half-do" (as I name it) in our local hair supply store going by the low high quality hair that is bought there (and in most locations like that throughout) to complete their hairdo because they received scammed by an internet hair vendor, it reminded me that I wanted to write this article and get it out there for my readers. I don't desire that to occur to you. Here is my web page: gmtservicecorp.com


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