How do I create a new token on the Tron network?

I do a lot of ICO consulting, and I have many projects right now just looking for an appropriate blockchain to launch their tokens. With the TRON mainnet due out in a few weeks, I would like to understand how to create a new token on TRON, as it seems to be a well designed alternative that can overcome many of the serious deficiencies of Ethereum.  I understand there is a TRON 20 standard similar to ERC 20, but I can not find any specific information about it.

Can anyone direct me to a forum or source of information that provides early access information for developers interested in building dApps around the TRON network?  Aside from a small amount of information I was able to get out of the file on Github, there seems to be almost nothing that explains how to actually use this network.

Thank you for any assistance.


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