Minereum is joining forces with TRON

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Joining Forces with TRON and EOS

As many of you should know two new major blockchains are going to be launched soon (competitors to ethereum).

They are EOS and TRON.

You can read more information about them here:


Their expectations are very promising indeed, from zero transaction fees to instant transactions.

We have been watching these two platforms very closely and we believe they can be game changers. However we don't know yet if they will be able to accomplish what they promise and in the timeline they propose.

As our team is comitted to continue the evolution of Smart Contract Mining Technology we would like to inform the community that we will be releasing a Minereum Token on both blockchains: Minereum EOS (MEOS) on the EOS blockchain and Minereum TRON (MTRON) on the TRON blockchain. Our goal is to be from the first ones to release a token on these new platforms.

Once again, it is important to note that both these platforms are not yet released and therefore we have to wait for them to be completely finished and live for us to be able to develop, test and deploy our tokens there.

In the meantime we would like to welcome anyone in the community interested in EOS and TRON to participate in the creation of the new tokens.

How it works

1. Two Ethereum addresses were created by our Team:

Minereum EOS (MEOS): 0xa7A3274c67F210779b5f7FbF9A96F4f97bc74129

Minereum TRON (MTRON): 0xe3f0CF683E4830d140d739C44A55C523Cc9E84a0

2. To participate in the creation of MEOS and MTRON send your MNE to the respective address you want to participate. 
- Send the transaction from an address you control. DO NOT send transactions from exchanges you won't be able to claim your new coins.
- If you don't own Minereum you can acquire MNE on HitBtc.comLivecoin.net or Cryptopia.co.nz.

3. The exchange rate is 1:1000, meaning if you send 1 MNE you will get 1000 MEOS or 1000 MTRON. Only MNE is accepted, ETH is not accepted.
(DO NOT send ETH or any other tokens other than MNE to the MEOS and MTRON addresses, they will be lost).

4. Later on when the tokens are released you will be able to claim your MEOS or MTRON by following the steps:

- Signing a message with the address that you used to send your MNE to the respective address mentioned in Step 1 (To prove your ownership)
- Provide your EOS or TRON address (To receive your tokens)

Messages can be signed with MyEtherWallet for example: https://www.myetherwallet.com/signmsg.html

All instructions for these steps will be provided.

5. All the claimed MEOS and MTRON will be delivered in a Genesis Address, meaning the EOS or TRON address you provide will be transformed into a MEOS or MTRON Genesis Address.

If you are not familiar with the concepts of Self Mining and Genesis Addresses read more information on our website: https://www.minereum.com/(The tokens will be self-mined for X amount of years).


- The timeline expected for the release of MEOS and MTRON is between End of 2018 to Beginning of 2019 (assuming EOS and TRON are released according to their plans)
- After MEOS and MTRON are released you will be able to claim your tokens
After you claim your MEOS or MTRON the MNE sent by you to participate will be burned.
- During our development we may conclude that EOS or TRON blockchains are not compatible with self mining. If this happens we will refund all MNE to the participating addresses. We may also cancel the release for other reasons that we are not foreseeing at the moment, in any case if the tokens are not launched for any reason all the MNE will be refunded.

From this moment on the participation phase is open! Everyone is welcome!

Help us spread the news! Retweet our Tweet: https://twitter.com/minereumtoken/status/996966057737891840
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