Hello World SR

Hello World!

We're Hello World, a top ranked Super Representative candidate in the upcoming election. We are a team of talented and experienced developers, engineers, and business minds.

Please join the discussion on our Telegram: https://t.me/helloworld_community

Telegram for announcements: https://t.me/helloworld_official

Our Website: https://helloworld.services/tron

Election Manifesto:


Server Configuration:

We have completed the initial testing and node setup on AWS and Google Cloud Platform. The test node is: with ports 18888 and 50051 open

For production/mainnet configuration, once approved, we would initially roll out a test server in one of AWS or Google locations in US East (N. Virginia, Washington, Ohio, South Carolina) and/or US West (Oregon, California).

The configuration for deployment is to match the performance of the recommendedx1.16xlarge 64 core 1T RAM 20T EBS(There is a 10G bandwidth cap to our knowledge for x1.16xlarge instance)

We plan to evaluate the cost/performance of a load-balancer/dual-node setup on EC2 with r4 types to support 25G bandwidth:r4.16xlarge 64 core 500GB RAM 10T EBS 25G bandwidth

After the initial cloud server deployment, we would like to add more capacity and replicate the setup locally in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sofia (Bulgaria), St. Petersburg (Russia).

Hello World Community Plan and Loyalty Program:

40% IT support

  • 10% operating costs

  • 10% lottery

  • 5% donations

  • 20% back to the community

  • 15% reserved


We are excited to announce a lottery to celebrate TRON’s Independence Day. 10% of the rewards will be distributed to a randomly picked wallet every month for all users keeping their votes for a minimum of 30 days.

Qualified wallets will be sorted in the ascending order and the winner picked according to random.org widget. Live video with a winner announced will be broadcast.

Hello World reserves the right to adjust the reward distributions without prior given notice.



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