Questions regarding upcoming TRON Super Representative Election

Can anyone please help on the following questions?

1) how often are the SR elected? Is there only one election in June, and the elected SR will then be in position until 2021?

2) if you're a SR: is there a restriction regarding the sale of the awarded TRX, e.g. is there a holding period for the awarded TRX, or do the awarded TRX have to be given back to the community?

3) we got the information that 100'000 TRX have to be paid in June for the SR election. Does anyone know more about this? Is this mentioned somewhere?

4) we also got the information that there is some 'test voting phase'. Does anyone know more about this?

Thanks for helpful replies!


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    I can help you on the test voting. Its on where you can vote for the current listed candidates. Team Tronics put together a manual to help guide the process. While it is specific for Team Tronics the steps are the same if voting for another candidate.
  • Answer to your questions

    1) The idea is for votes in mainnet will update every 24 hours. So even after the first election someone new could be voted in by the community. Currently on testnet it is every 6 hours and we see movement.

    2) The SR will be rewarded with TRX for creating blocks and keeping the network secure. On test net you can claim every 24 hours, I suspect will be like that in main net. It is possible that 24 hours could change to more or less. From there I do not suspect any restrictions on what you can do with the trx.

    3) Most Cryptocurrencies that are dpos or have delegates will have a fee to become delegate. It is a common thing. Currently on Testnet it is 100 000 TRX. When mainnent comes it could be the same, could be less. I do not think this is finalized yet. 

    4) You can test now on testnet. Go to and createa walet, get free test trx and vote.

    Hope the above helps.
  • update.

    1.  every 6 hours,   14:00 20:00, 2:00, 8:00  (UTC/GMT+08:00)
    2.  the reward must be fronzen one day.
    3.  will reduce to 10000 trx,  1/10 of 100000. 

  • Thanks a lot for your helpful replies!
    Regarding the fee: do we have to pay the fee once in order to participate in the election, or each time you get votet as SR? And: is the information you gave above available publicly? I can't find it anywhere...

  • The fee is taken when you register as delegate in tronscan on testnet. Have a look at this video. You will see around 13-14 minutes in I show how to register as delegate. You can see balance before and after. 


    So only when you register as delegate.
  • Very nice, thank you!
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