Glueless Lace Wigs, Silk High Lace Wigs, Full Lace Wigs With out Glue Or Tape

I met up for a fast drink with the Gorgeous Oma Iyasara on the Oriental Hotel Nollywood's actress 'Sizzling' doll in Nigeria... Here she tells us ALL her secrets and techniques on her NO GLUE lace wigs, and gives us her special "HAIR" suggestions. How you doing Oma, what do you consider lace wigs? I really like NO GLUE lace wigs, it is so easy to put on, I just slide in the hair combs in my cornrows, adjust the tight straps on the back of the wig, Then I'm ready to shoot. It's just so easy.Trust me Bisola, my wig does not come off at all, except I want to take it off my self. my lace Glueless wig I am wearing is so easy to wear, I like it! What's your favourite hair & why? MMmmmm, definitely Peruvian virgin hair! the hair is so gentle, the texture is brilliant, peruvian hair matches my natural hair so nicely. As a Nollywood actress It's so necessary to me to face out with the proper full lace wig. My Glueless lace wig is just nice I can half it any route, I can put on it up in a high ponytail. I simply love my full lace wig, thank God O. I am wearing 26 inches, virgin human hair, peruvian hair, colour #4, natural staright, when I am going for my auditions, all people loves my hair- I really stand out- which is a good factor. So are you one of many Nigerian ladies who spend a lot of money on hair? Well, I assume sure...but it's just I really like prime quality Actual hair. If a lady wants right hair- which will not tangle or shed, it's essential spend money to get the true deal. My last NO GLUE lace wig I spent O, however it was price it, It has lasted me for like 10 months, (Pleased) How typically do you modify your hair on your nollywood films? Properly, it really depends on the nollywood movie. I change my hair, every 6 weeks, Generally long, brief, curly, wavy hair, plus the characters I play I must look totally different, then meaning a 'NEW HAIR Model', which I do not thoughts, co's I like buying virgin hair! Wearing the suitable hair, do you feel you get a variety of nice attention from the guys? Oh for positive, in Nigeria the Nigerian guys are so clued about hair, they know alot! They even know in regards to the lace front wigs...aaah! I have to give it to my fellow Nigerian males, They find out about hair full cease, which is a good thing. So you know at christmas, birthdays, valentines, easter the man will know what hair present to buy his lady. So cousin, do share a few of your secrets on your hair for us? With your NO GLUE lace wig all the time wash your hair luke heat water. Always wash your hair with virgin products on the lace wig, so it lasts longer! Brush your hair from down wards to upwards, it takes out the previous hair better, and doesn't rip the hair out of the lace. When swimming or going to the Sauna, put in a depart in conditioner, it protects your hair from the micro organism from the pool.
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