It isn't The Wig Its The appliance!

It is not The Wig Its The applying! There has been an elephant in the room of the lace wig area of interest that's overstayed its welcome and i feel the necessity to handle it. I have kept my mouth shut for far too long. This put up is dedicated to the lace wig haters out there. I'm not trying to bash anybody as a result of that's not my style. Its all about professionalism. So let me get straight to the point. To my understanding many people have a negative connotation about lace wigs. To the point where when doing a twitter search alone people overtly express that they hate lace wigs, lace fronts, folks that put on lace fronts. I have even read overtly harsh tweets of people saying ludicrous issues like individuals who wear lace fronts should die or the inventor of lace fronts needs to be useless and rumors about lace fronts causing cancer. Okay I really feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If that is the way you actually really feel than so be it. That is how you're feeling I cannot change the opinions of others and I am not going to try to. However I will handle this. I am a lace wig designer and that i strongly feel that the inventor of lace wigs is brilliant. Not alone for cash making functions and dipping into the African American hair market which is a part of a 9 billion dollar trade, but more importantly for giving most cancers patients that potential to put on a sensible hair piece after shedding their hair on account of treatments. Can you imagine how devastating it can be to lose Your whole hair not by alternative? Additionally, lace fronts assist people who undergo from Alopecia. They give people who endure from trichotillomania hair confidence and the power to put on a hair piece without being bullied. Plus they assist burn patients and others that have medically associated hair ailments. Plus, many females rock lace fronts for beauty causes and convenience functions and nothing is wrong with that. Lace front wigs are about making women feel and appear stunning. Giving her the power to have a style that she desired and a more lifelike hairline. So I applaud the inventor of lace fronts and i applaud lace wig consultants and lace wig designers who dare to take the challenge to make lace wigs or promote them and don't cease or be discouraged as a result of what you do is nice. Now for those of you that despise lace fronts. I honestly do not think you despise the wig itself you do not care for the best way they're utilized when utilized incorrectly that is. Many individuals have no idea how to apply lace front wigs correctly and how to attain an undetectable hairline. That's where my job comes in - not to hate on them, however to assist via instructing them correct utility techniques. Just like someone might be a good looking individual however had a bad make up job. Its not necessarily the make-up that was bad it was an incorrect software,improper choice of shade, or overdone make-up. The identical thing with lace front wigs. Its not the wig its the appliance individuals. Its an unrealistic hairline, a lot glue, or just put a wig that doesn't fit. Just like this may be solved with make-up you be taught to apply better by being taught or training over and over. The same applies to a nasty weave. The identical applies to applying a lace front or full lace unit. You're taught or you need to apply over and over again to get it proper. Or you'll be able to seek an expert and have it utilized correctly. With that being stated, I like lace fronts and full lace wigs. They have modified the lives of others drastically for the higher. So for those who rock them - rock on and wear them with pride! If you're taken with learning extra about lace wigs and software strategies you'll be able to subscribe to my site totally free here: Please be happy to remark. I might love to hear what it's a must to say.


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