How A lot Hair Do I Want?

Feels gentle and does not tangle. The hair may be changed to the shade of your selection. The hair does not dry or shed after washing. Bulk hair can be used for braiding or fusion. The hair could be curled with a flat iron. The hair can last longer and prevent cash. The hair is straightforward to care for. Virgin Pure Hair is out there in pure Black and Dark Brown. Labeled and available in Straight, Curly and Wavy. Human hair collected directly from a hair donor is Remy Hair. It is typically referred to as Virgin, Cuticle Hair and Minimize Hair. The majority of human hair bought in the business is non-cuticle hair. The hair cuticle has been stripped through the use of an acid-bath. With Remy hair we don't do this so the hair cuticle is intact, subsequently the hair is stronger and has the potential to last much longer if correctly maintained. How A lot Hair Do I need? If you are getting a full Braid Weave the average particular person need about six ounces of hair some will need more some will want much less. It is best to buy two packs to make sure you will have enough. You'll be able to always use the leftover hair later. if you are using hair over 18" lengthy you may need another pack. In case you are getting tracks one pack is enough for four to 5 tracks as much as 18" hair length. In case you are getting the hair bonded one pack is sufficient for 4 to five tracks as much as 18" hair length. In case you are getting fusion or micro linking you need to seek the advice of your stylist. Can I shade this hair? Sure, that is 100% virgin human hair which isn't processed in any approach. So you'll be able to coloration the hair. As soon as virgin hair is treated in any means, it is not virgin. Typically it's suggested to make any major color adjustments after having your extensions applied. What sort of hair care merchandise should I take advantage of? Deal with this hair like your individual hair. Use good high quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is essential to keep it gentle and manageable, so use leave in conditioners. You can even use products like gel and hair spray to maintain the curls in place, but be certain to clean your hair and not go away in these merchandise in for a very long time. Our Serum comsmettissage was specifically made to take care of your virgin hair Can I'm going swimming? It's possible you'll go in swimming swimming pools and scorching tubs. It is best to clean hair right after swimming. Avoid getting hair in salt water because the salt can take all the moisture out of the hair and it will result in tangling of the hair. Never braid your hair and go in salt water. It is best to wear it down. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming. How long does it final? This hair can last for a really very long time depending on how you maintain it. Deal with it like your personal hair and take good care of it for it to last longer. Many hair dressers prefer Virgin Pure Hair as a result of it is beautiful and unprocessed which makes it last longer than any other sort of hair.


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