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HubPages» Leisure and Media» Music Singer Sound Alikes Up to date on April 14, 2018 Jackie Lynnley moreJust a bit of enjoyable about so many different things. Info, fiction, leisure and so way more. Contact Creator Somewhat Bit Me and somewhat Bit You Do you sing like somebody famous? Perhaps you probably did at a younger age? I could do Connie Francis pretty good at a younger age, or so many advised me. I was quick and possibly appeared a youthful version of Brenda Lee who was still fashionable right now. So at my sister's events after I did the Patsy Cline I generally belted out a growling Brenda Lee only for enjoyable! It was fun! For some motive my older sister was the only one in all seven who had events, but all of us made the best of it! We played information, danced and ate Mom's great food! However back to people who are nobody and show up singing like considered one of your favorite artist! These are all actually wonderful! Right here I've some actually good sound alikes. I came throughout an Asian boy at YouTube sooner or later that seemed nothing like him however sounded identical to Tom Jones! It was superb. So much so I began a search to see just what number of I may find. If you want some a lot wanted enjoyable, simply come together with me! Singer Groupies The Gang's All Here *Paul McCartney *Tom Jones *Taylor Swift *Frank Sinatra *Nat King Cole *John Lennon *The Beatles *The Bee Gees *George Michael *Pink Floyd *Johnny Cash *Whitney Houston *Katy Perry *Adele *Elvis Presley" *Celine Dion * Simon and Garfunkel You might want to return back when you've gotten extra time to undergo all these. It's packed full and so entertaining you may even need someone to share it with you for all the enjoyable it will likely be. No kidding, these individuals I never knew about and they're all so amazing you could spend a very good whereas checking these all out. I can discover nowhere online that has this many altogether and I'm so hoping you all will benefit from the package deal I've put collectively for you! I wouldn't Have Missed it for the World My personal favorites were Bobby Shermin, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Rydell. Guess I had a Bobby thing going there for awhile. Properly...someone did! My favourite of all time music was "My Little Run Away". I can shut my eyes and nonetheless see a moonlit lake with waters shimmering and that track playing. There have been sock hops at the lake each summer time and though I used to be 4 to seven years younger than these kids, they had been mates of my older brother and sister. I used to be despatched to chaperone them however as a substitute they dumped me at the dance understanding I can be safe and so they could be freed from me! All the children knew me because I used to be a grade college cheerleader that had video games on the highschool. There I was dumped at a teen city place with a jukebox and loud laughing highschool children. I beloved it. I would sit in my cheer main outfit ready on my brother to choose me up. I was thrilled when he was late. I never gave him a foul report, although I can by no means recall my mom ever requested. Guess she trusted us all. Properly, at the very least I used to be good. Although we didn't stand around chatting, these children did communicate to me. I do not know what they considered me however they were at all times nice and it was like a peek right into a secret club I might in the future be part of! I was saved pretty busy dancing, too, at these sock hops. It was in my blood I suppose. There have been native DJs there enjoying the music and i even got a particular point out one night! Embarrassing and thrilling and an incredible factor Mom did not hearken to the sock hops!. I could not keep nonetheless when music performed. But if I had by no means been asked to dance, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The Beatles The Beatles This was so unbelievable! We hear so much about fake information and that is fake individuals however they really sell themselves. I had such a fun time with this and I know you'll too! Ed Sullivan and The Beatles Paul McCartney Eleanor Rigby Watching this I thought this man isn't going to drag off a Paul McCartney. He looked nothing like him so I doubted his singing too. He does each great! You will be pleasantly stunned! Sir Paul McCartney Johnny Money Ring of Fireplace This was the primary one I noticed that received me all for the remainder. I can't remember ever having such fun in a search. This is just a dip in a bucket of the expertise out there! This man hits you immediately with a talent you won't soon neglect. Johnny Cash John Lennon Shake it Up Baby Gary Gibson does a very nice rendition of John Lennon. John Lennon Sound Alike Elvis Elvis Presley For all those that did and at all times will love Elvis, I've an unbelievable sound alike, another sound alike that looks just like the young Elvis and then slightly video I tossed in for good measure. Photos of Elvis and Priscilla I had by no means seen earlier than when they're so healthy, completely happy and simply beautiful! Optionally available. CC Rider Elvis Sound Alike Elvis and Priscilla The Bee Gees Laughing Bee Gees has to be my all time favorite group and though it made me really feel responsible to snort I truly noticed a present the place Barry Gibb reveals up on one of these movies, so if it is alright with him I am just going chuckle to my heart's content! Bee Gees Nat King Cole Not a studio enjoying or nothing skilled. Just a man sitting at his piano sounding so like Nat King Cole. What a talent. Nat King Cole Pink Floyd I was by no means big on Pink Floyd though a lot of my buddies were. This is for those who loved them! Great likeness. Pink Floyd George Michael Who Wears Quick Shorts? George has passed and many people really miss him. So cute and such an incredible singer. What a crush I had on him till I discovered it was fruitless...or no matter. Nonetheless did not keep me from seeing and listening to him every chance I bought, This guy is a great double for George. George Michael Simon and Garfunkel Simon and Garfunkel sound alikes. Excellent! Frank Sinatra Fly Me to the Moon Frank was a favourite of my mothers and that i did not like or dislike him. In later years I've heard some songs of his I used to be quite shocked by. Not bad and neither is this rendition. Franks Sinatra Tom Jones It isn't Unusual What can I say? Another great that will simply amaze you. Sounds similar to Tom! Tom Jones Adele Adele Performs Adele There are some Adele imitations under however this is definitely Adele with a gaggle of ladies attempting to be like her. She adjustments her appearance and tries for part of her. Ok's loopy! That's the reason it is so much fun! Test it out! Adele With a Twist Just for Fun Celine Dion Celine Dion Plus Many More This one woman does so many imitations, thirteen proper here with out taking a deep breath! How does anybody change that many voices with no time to prepare? She can be a gifted amazement! Katy Perry - Adele Plus Many Extra Whitney Houston Mall Lady Here are two lady singing like Whitney. The first is good and extra professional however I just love this last video of a woman in a mall! You must surprise about all of the expertise around us we by no means get to witness. Please take a fast take a look at her, you won't have the ability to cease watching I guess you! Look on the guy peeping at her too! Whitney Houston A Nobody in a Mall Does Whitney! Thank you Peg and it was so much fun. It was very onerous to cease adding to this! So happy you loved it. Peg Cole 2 months in the past from Dallas, Texas Wow, I love this nice playlist of wannabe singers. I had heard the Tom Jones man earlier than. He's great. The Bee Gee misheard lyrics was a real crack up and I'm trying ahead to listening to the remaining. Adele will need to have a great sense of humor. What fun! So true Dianna! This has been a lot fun for me, I come back often to listen to more! Thanks. Dianna Mendez 2 months ago I so loved your article with all of the great songs and excellent impersonators. Particularly entertaining was Elvis look-alike, no one higher than the King! Hmm, good question, MizB or ought to I call you Doris? Nicely, like singing stars, which I assume you mean, can really change into a success a lot simpler than ever I feel. I mean YouTube could make them a star overnight. I even did a hub as soon as months in the past about this man and gal who teamed up there never having met and grew to become well-known and went far. I think they actually received together and then went separate ways however simply a lot can happen today because of the web, do not you agree? I really don't think media has to have anything to do with it, however of course can be a idiot to not make news of someone outstanding. Nice to have you ever back! I am baa-ck with more nonsensical feedback. Once more I commend you on your painstaking research, Jackie. Since Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra had been of my mom's technology and we beloved Elvis and Johnny for giving us something new, I'm not into their impersonators but I have to admit they are gifted. The Bee Gees have been hilarious! Feels like something Shel Silverstein would do. I believe my favourite was the Adele as Adele. It was so funny watching these ladies, particularly once they realized that it really was she in disguise. I didn't think much of the singer with the black hair and white eye shadow as Adele, however I would really prefer to see her as herself. She was incredible! So much talent in all of these impersonators. It's such a shame that these really proficient folks should impersonate somebody famous to be able to make it themselves. There are such a lot of no-abilities who really make it within the music trade. Question for ya: Do you think that social media will change the present way of constructing stars? Thank you Lori. Sure, as a kid and many years really I was so super shy but like a comedian, I guess, after i sang I became someone else. Oh, the mind, what a terrible thing, lol I will look this man up. Thanks! Thanks Linda! It's a lot of enjoyable! Lori Colbo 2 months in the past from Pacific Northwest Fabulous hub. I haven't got sound available for the time being however I'll come again and hearken to them. There are so many elvis impersonators. I saw one at a Las Vegas present. I bought kissed by him, much to my embarrassment. My husband pushed my up to the front of the stage. I am not the groupie kind. I liked most on this hub learning about you. Very cool you can impersonate. Have you ever heard of Phil Keaggy? He's a Christian singer and top-of-the-line guitar players on the market. He has a voice very similar to Paul McCartney. I feel they may need played together once. Look him up on youtube. Great job and distinctive topic. Linda Crampton 2 months ago from British Columbia, Canada You've provide you with an ideal thought for an article, Jackie! It was very entertaining to read. I will revisit it to listen to all of the movies. MizB - So pleased you enjoyed a lot of it already! Please do come back. So sorry about you and Johnny however what about me and Michael? haha I did like this Elvis impersonator because he appears so natural, like Elvis younger than I remember him! Carl Perkins, very long time since I have heard that name and i can't think of the girl connected to him. Was she the one who married a a lot younger nation artist? She was a singer too. Properly there may be the reminiscence out the window but it's good to contact on it once more! Thanks a lot for coming by! Linda, he was good! There have been others, skilled, however as soon as I heard this man I knew he just had a natural talent and looks did not matter! Thanks for stopping by! Doris James-MizBejabbers 2 months in the past Jackie, loved this hub. You needed to have spent many hours researching all these nice imitations. You had been proper, I'll need to revisit to hearken to them all. Proper now I sought out my favorites. Johnny Money - The child is astounding, especially for 15 years old. He does must follow Johnny's southern drawl slightly bit though. I grew up in Arkansas simply 99 miles from Johnny Money, but he was older than me anyway. Boo hoo. Tom Jones - the younger man has his model down pat and sounds nice! Elvis- there are so many Elvis impersonaters but most simply impersonate the look. This younger singer not only sings like him, however he has the voice qualities of Elvis, one thing laborious to imitate. At one time one other skilled rock 'n roller, Carl Perkins, was mistaken for Elvis. They both released "Blue Suede Footwear" about the identical time. Some folks really believed it was Elvis recording below another identify. Linda Lum 2 months ago from Washington State, USA What a fun article. My favourite is the Nat King Cole imitator. I might take heed to NKC all day lengthy. What a tremendous voice. (BTW years in the past our garbage man was a Elvis impersonator). Thanks Dora, I believed so too and i hope it will go over well with HP. I just like one thing a little different to analysis now and then and this was so much enjoyable! Thanks Bill, hope you will come back and test them all out! Mary, thank you a lot for taking a look. They're everyone fun to me! Dora Weithers 2 months ago from The Caribbean The 16-year old Elvis and the young Whitney are unimaginable. I bet the others are too. This hub is exclusive and very effectively completed. AuthorJackie Lynnley 2 months in the past from The gorgeous South Thanks shanmarie, I liked her too, and have been to see that a number of occasions! Invoice Holland 2 months in the past from Olympia, WA That was a fun learn! I was just reading about two brothers in NYC who sound just like the was pretty superb watching their YouTube video....anyway, this was an effective way to begin my day. Mary Norton 2 months in the past from Ontario, Canada Oh my...reminded me of my youthful days. I love the ones you featured here even the later ones. Time to take heed to them again. Thanks for sharing. shanmarie 2 months in the past Jackie, it is a delightful hub. Cherished the random woman within the mall. Thanks for sharing your finds with us. Check out my webpage ... sneak a peek at this web-site.


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