Irina Iftimie to run for TRON Super Representative

1. An official website


2. Team information

Irina Iftimie (nickname: irina18) – 27 years old, database programmer


3. Location of the Team

Bucharest, Romania


4. 2018 expenditure budget and technical plan by June 26th.

For TRON mainnet I’m planning to have 2 servers (main and backup) in cloud. The specifications may vary depending on the needs. From my experience as a delegate in other projects, the minimal requirements are:

1 core (3.3GHz)

6 GB Memory



Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 64Bit


For TRON project, I would start with the following specifications and I might upgrade them if it is the case:

4 vCPU

36 GB Memory


10Gbps Network

Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 64Bit



5. 2018 hardware capacity upgrade plan after June 26th.

If needed I can upgrade the servers (both main and backup) to higher specifications.


6. 2018 community support plan

Depending on my position and rewards as a Super Representative, I’m planning to periodically make donations to the TRON development team in order to support them for the future upgrades, tests, marketing etc.

Also, I’m planning to run a public pool and give rewards to my voters that will support me in forging positions.


7. List of key staff and their photos

Irina Iftimie



8. Background qualifications of key staff

My name is Irina Iftimie and I’m a crypto enthusiastic girl from Romania. I have more than 6 years experience on back-end and database development. I have strong knowledge and experience in linux, python, php, javascript, typescript, SQL and PL/SQL. At this moment I am in charge with more than 30 servers, so I am very familiar with how to maintain a server (install a SSL certificate, make backups periodically and install another server as a backup, read the logs or clean them, keep free space on the disk etc.).

I found out about crypto two years ago and began to bring my contribution in several projects since then as an investor or a delegate. I am an active delegate in OXY, LWF, ONZ and BPL with more than 95% uptime and I’m running public pools based on python scripts.


-  Master Degree in Computer Science in Bucharest, Romania from 2015;

- 6 years experience in database programming - I’m working in a small IT company in Bucharest with 15 employees and we develop software products for banks and finance institutions;

- 3 years experience in web development – I’m part of a girls’ team that build brands from scratch including administration websites and personalised applications for our clients.

- 2 years experience in crypto


9. Testable nodes for community members

I’m not running a testnet node for now, but I am planning to run one before 1st of July.


10. A certain amount of social media influence:


11. Arranged location of server



12. Server type(cloud, bare machine, etc)



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