GSC added new KEY team member to make full preparation for TRON Super Representative

GSC announced that " We are going to win the first Super Representative, and we're doing that."

Today, we are glad to say that we've got a new KEY member to help us to win the election.  

Audrey Kong, a former United Nations Chinese official, has joined the GSC (Global Social Chain) as the global chief Honorary Liaison Officer. 

Ms. Kong has served at the UN headquarters in New York for nearly 10 years, to be responsible for the general assembly and the bank's global financial reform, as the global public relations officer to assist RMB to be the international reserve currency, she was the only Chinese coordination officer for the government's peacekeeping operation, and also a senior strategy adviser at the new economic research institute, which co-founded by 13 Nobel economists, including Stiglitz,etc.

Audrey Kong has been awarded the the Asia representative’s Pacific Delegate allowance of the Carnegie council for international relations, and was nominated by the Secretary of Shenzhen (City of China) municipal party Committee for the world ‘global youth leader’ of economy BBS candidate.

Recently, Audrey Kong shared her experience on the front line of the UN in the <Bizarre Convention>, and it quickly started a craze.

For Audrey’s accession, she will contribute to GSC and help GSC to be the world's most promising block chain project in the world, making GSC be ‘the fastest and best basic public link in the world’. 

Needless to say, Audrey will also help GSC to win the first Super Representative of TRON. 


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