Tron SR Ranking (5/1/2018 20:00 UTC+8)

As a longtime TRON supporter, I think these SRs will be a crucial part of the TRON ecosystem, and thus the best SRs possible should be selected. I will be doing a daily ranking and assessment of candidates who have made public their intention to run, which will hopefully be a useful reference for voters.


On April 16, TRON announced the TRON Super Representatives Guidelines.

These Guidelines listed 8 requirements to become an SR. I added two other important evaluation criteria: plans to expand hardware capacity and SR Election promotion efforts, totally 10 criteria.

Tron SR Ranking Scoresheet

Each criteria = 1 point. If criteria is met, +1 point. If criteria is not met, +0 points. Since SR election promotion efforts can be subjective, the point range for that criteria will be from 0.1 – 1 point. Since some candidates have not publicized their information, this will not be an exhaustive list of all candidates in the running. I will add more candidates as their information becomes public.


On April 28th(UTC+8), The documents submitted for the TRON super representative Election include Genesis Capital, FreeSpaceWifi, and Bitcoinworld. data submitted by AlphaCoinFund wasn't sufficient so it cuased a lower score. Genesis Capital, Bitcoinworld and AlphaCoinFund did not pass the nodes test; KOL and Rancho Santa Fe added 1 point by updating company information in the community updates. If there are candidates who think that I wasn't fair in a rating of propaganda could leave messages in form of screenshot in the forum and provide sufficient evidence. I will supplement it after confirmation.


Grand Total


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