Hardware Wallet for Tron after migration

I am a passionate supporter of Tron since last January and, immediately after buying trx for the first time, I proceeded to buy a Ledger to be sure to keep them as safe as possible. But now, after the migration, I'm worried about not having the possibility to access my new wallet through Ledger. Do you know if there is the possibility of using a wallet that is compatible with Ledger or at least another hardware device? Unfortunately, I would be really uncomfortable with having to use the wallet of an exchange or a wallet like those of Tronscan.org and Tron.Netwok that do not offer such compatibility.
Thanks to everyone who gives me an exhaustive reply.


  • @Lucamax, rest assured we're actively working on building Ledger support for the Tron mainnet. We should have it completed before the end of token swap this month.

    If you would like, you can join our slack to follow along on the progress.
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    @Tian_Tron Thank you for your answer, I really appreciate it. Where can I follow the progress of your work? Will it be possible to vote for SR holding trx trough Ledger support?

  • Bom dia a todos, gostaria de tirar uma duvida, as carteiras da Tronscan.org ou android são seguras para guardar trx?
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